Get Ready to Shoot for the Stars & See Just How Far They Can Go with the Jupiter in Sagittarius Transit

On November 8, 2018,  Jupiter will trot into the place he loves the most —-the sign of Sagittarius. It’s time to embrace the beginning of a new cycle of expansion. Thankfully, both opportunity and positive thinking will be coming along for the ride.

The biggest planet of the zodiac will finally wave good bye to the dark waters of Scorpio and make a grand entrance into his home sign of Sagittarius come November 8th. As a result, a new kind optimism will start to surround our thinking. Our situations will begin to get brighter as this cheery energy begins working its magic. 

It’s a wonderful, beautiful thing when the planet of good luck, expansion and abundance starts dancing in the sign that fits him best. An important Jupiter moment arrives as he emerges into Sagittarius— the sign that loves to drum up possibilities and make dreams a reality.

I, personally, love this sign because of it’s optimistic and expansive nature. It’s helped me to connect with people all over the world. I’m excited to make even more discoveries in this coming cycle —- and you should be too. 

Over the course of the Jupiter in Sagittarius Transit, we can personally expect a new twist of expansion. This will take on a global as well as personal effect.  Despite any hardships that have surfaced in 2018, this happy go lucky energy has the potential to turn any frown upside down. Get ready to catch some dreams, shoot for the stars and make lemonade out of lemons.

The Jupiter in Sagittarius Transit will be in effect from November 8, 2018 – December 1, 2019

This Jupiter period will have an expansive effect on all Sagittarius related themes. Things relating to education, travel, publishing, foreigners and spirituality will all take center stage. All of these topics now have the potential to really expand all around us. It’s going to be a great time to dust off the passport, book a destination vacation, hop into some learning and dive into some new belief systems. The universe is going to enticing all of these Sagittarius flavors to enter some part of our lives.

Our foreign connections might expand as well as our desire to go to new places. Sagittarius is the born traveler and will want us to explore new territory. Many of us might even be more enticed to live abroad. Publishing, as well as religion, might also get some new attention. New ways of expanding education and learning will also likely surface. People will be in a mode to learn new things regardless if they come with a certifications or not. A new kind of desire to take on knowledge will be all around. Given all the change that’s been in the air, we will likely see some new and opportunistic twists on all of these themes.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Transit Cycles of the Past

Jupiter operates in each sign for approximately one year. That means the last Jupiter Sagittarius Transit was nearly 12 years ago. Think back to the period between Nov 24 2006 – December 17 2007. A new cycle, similar to that one, will repeat once again. Of course, there will be a new twist! Not to mention we’re all 12 years wiser (hopefully) that the last Jupiter in Sagittarius run. New situations, with a flavor of back then, will likely crop up once again.

The Jupiter in Sagittarius Retrograde Period will be from Approx April 10 – August 10, 2019

Every planet that lives in a sign for a longer period of time needs to tell a tale. This is always the case with Jupiter’s transits that can last a little longer than a full year. During the first phase of Jupiter’s run we’ll be all gun ho to get the party started and expand into all the possibilities. When the retrograde period hits, it’ll mark a 4 month period of fine tuning the formula of making it all happen. Once the final phase comes into play we’ll truly be able to see the biggest impact of all the expansive energy in play. Never discount the full period. Some of us may visibly experience one lucky hit while others will feel it subtly over the course of the entire year. No matter what, however, a tale is being told for all of us.

A new desire for open space and freedom will surround us as a result of the freedom seeking sign being expanded to the fullest.

Conversations surrounding new places to live, as well as explore, will start coming up more than usual

Sagittarius is a sign that likes space. It’s half man – half horse in it’s raw state and needs room to roam. As a result, many of us are going to feel the need to have more space. If you’ve been feeling confined in a tight space, get ready for a new drive to expand your surroundings. Whether it be getting more space in your home, career, or daily routine—- a great desire for more wiggle room will begin to grow.

My only advice in this next Jupiter Cycle is to be careful of roaming too far and aiming too high.


Sagittarius likes to think big on it’s own. Once we throw the biggest planet of them all into the mix — ideas (as well as egos) will have the potential to soar. Another thing that will begin to grow is our desire to run away. Sagittarius is one of the signs that loves to play and run away from all its problems. It’s one of the quintessential escape artists. One minute they are there— and the next they are gone. I foresee a lot of people leaving restrictive situations as a result. There is just no stopping them. 

Something to keep in mind is that during the periods of mid January, June and September 2019, Neptune (the planet of illusions) will be  messing with our happy go lucky Jupiter.  That will create the potential for our visions to become a tad skewed or warped. It will also create a strong vision to escape our realities and run off to find something better. Somebody’s going to be putting on the rose-colored glasses and prefer to never take them off. Eventually, though, reality will always need to set in. The clock always has a way of striking midnight.

Despite any Neptunian shortcomings that Jupiter faces along the way, this new Sagittarius cycle is one to look forward to.

After a rough and rather emotional 2018, this is a welcome planetary shift. Many of us are in need of some positive thinking and cheer. If any planetary energy can help tip the scales in our favor it’ll be the Jupiter in Sagittarius transit. No matter the short comings that Neptune may present along the way, it is time to shoot for the stars — and see just how far we have the potential to make them go. My Sagittarius Moon is looking forward to this transit and if you have any Sagittarius in your personal astrology you will too. This is, of course, the sign that will stand to gain the most. For all the details into what each sign stands to gain out of this period check out Jupiter in Sagittarius Transit Horoscopes in the Member Portal.

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