Let the Magic of Jupiter in Pisces Begin

On December 28, 2021 the lucky and beneficial planet, Jupiter, swims back into one of his favorite places – the seas of Pisces. Despite a COVID Christmas, a new hope and special kind of inspiration arrives. Jupiter makes a sign change about once a year and only visits each sign every twelve years. We had a preview of Jupiter’s happenings in Pisces from mid May through the end of July 2021 — and now he’s back! This is the help factor we need to make 2022 a great year.

The really great news is that Pisces is one of Jupiter’s best placements

Jupiter does good things when he operates in the sign that has no boundaries. He’s comfortable in the sign of the sea, which delivers a special abundance and magical fairy dust. Serendipitous and unexplainable things are bound to happen. Expect to see a new level of spirituality cropping up. We all need something to believe in and new doors will open to help locate a new kind of soul food. Get ready to discover new modalities in a totally new kind of “woke” era. The humanitarian side of our personalities will also be prompted and you may begin to feel more drawn to charity work or lending a helping hand.

Feelings and empathy with others will also run strong. Expect romance to thrive during this new Jupiter run, as well. Pisces loves love—and a Cinderella story. Jupiter expands everything he touches and love and romance will bloom as a result. A few fairy tale stories have the potential to come alive in the coming months.

Jupiter in Pisces Themes

All Piscean themes will be expanded upon and come front and center more than usual. From a generalities stand point Pisces rules the ocean and hypnosis, hallucinogens and all things pertaining to entering alter realities. It’s the sign that dreams are made of. Pisces also connects to marijuana and with new legalizations in place, this industry will likely grow in leaps and bounds. New insights into mental health will likely begin, as well. Pisces is the natural ruler of the 12th house, the place of our subconscious. Expect to see all sorts of news and developments regarding hallucinogens.

Pisces also rules over healthcare and hospitals. We will likely see new attention into this arena, particularly with healthcare workers.

I’d also expect additional booms with cruising. Pisces loves the water, after all. It also loves to escape and travel. Despite restrictions and COVID still playing a part of our reality, many will be looking to make their own “great escape.”

Pisces also connects to oil and those prices may begin to rise, especially as more people begin to travel.

April 2022 Jupiter Neptune Conjunction

On April 12, 2022, Jupiter will collide with Neptune in Pisces creating an explosion of Piscean / Neptunian energy. This is going to create a lot of attention in the area of your astrology that Jupiter is influencing, while he’s in Pisces. New creativity, romance, spiritual revival and serendipitous moments will come out of this on a very high level. Additional themes of water and probably oil/gas will also present.

But with all major combinations, the shadow side of a sign and planet can also reveal. Pisces and Neptune can be gullible, as well as prone to codependency and neglecting personal needs. It can deliver the benefits of water but also the ferociousness of it (ie, floods, high rains, etc). Things to be warned against are the problems that water can bring. Flooding and heavy rains have the potential to come about more than usual.

Watch for the shadows during this Jupiter in Pisces run, as well as the light. Extremes of both sides will present alongside this explosion of energy.

Jupiter in Pisces 2022  Time Line

December 28, 2021: Jupiter re-enters Pisces
May 11, 2022: Jupiter exits Pisces and previews Aries
October 28, 2022: Jupiter re-enters Pisces
December 20, 2022: Jupiter exits Pisces for good and re-enters Aries

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