A New Chapter of Expansion and Manifestation Arrives with the Jupiter in Capricorn Cycle

​On December 2nd, 2019, Jupiter makes his annual wardrobe change and puts on his Capricorn clothes. It’s a big switch up from his previous cycle of showing off the firey and optimistic Sagittarius style. In Capricorn, Jupiter will have to get more serious and practical—things he isn’t all that excited about. With that being said, great benefits can come out of this period if we can tap into a goal-oriented attitude.

From a technical standpoint, Jupiter is in detriment in Capricorn. His BIG + SHOOT FOR THE STARS attitude doesn’t feel all that comfortable in his Capricorn clothes. The sign of Capricorn likes discipline, structure in addition to slow and steady progress. This doesn’t jive well with Jupiter’s expansive nature. He is a planet of growth and doesn’t appreciate structure in the short-term.

However, this doesn’t mean you should discount opportunity in the year ahead. Jupiter, after all, is our annual opportunity hope factor. We all need a little (more likely a lot) of his essence to help keep us motivated. In my opinion, we stand to gain considerably if we can tap into the Capricorn attitude.

The Jupiter in Capricorn Cycle Delivers some of the most profound gifts when Jupiter (planet of  vision) collides with Pluto (planet that makes this REAL)

There are the 3 periods in 2020 when Jupiter will collide with transformative Pluto–a very beneficial transit that only happens every 13 years. Each one will deliver real potential to manifest our vision and actually make it real.  Manifestation energy is huge right now and its stemming from these power planets rare collision.

In order to really tap into the benefits this “no-nonsense” planetary energy, have a well thought out goal that keeps you striving for bigger and better over time.

There will be many opportunities to gain —if you can commit to focusing on something long-lasting.

Keep in mind that the area affected by Jupiter’s influence will also be going through a radical transformation because of the Saturn Pluto Conjunction taking place. Something will need to break down entirely, in order to rebuilt in a much stronger and stable way.

A few of the themes that will likely gain attention during the Jupiter in Capricorn period include all Capricorn related matters including:

  • Business & Enterprising Attitudes (Capricorn is BIG BUSINESS and some will stay while others need to go – Capricorn breaks entities down that aren’t working. We’re also going to see more entrepreneurship coming into play and people wanting to be their own BOSS.)
  • Creating a Foundation of Rules (Capricorn likes boundaries, rules and discipline)
  • Keeping Tasks Simple (Capricorn doesn’t like fluff)
  • More Attention on Trees (Capricorn is an Earth sign – a greater desire to be in nature or connect with it may surface)
  • Cold Weather (Depending on where we all live the effects will be different, but with Capricorn energy so strong, it’s likely going to be colder than usual)
  • Elderly (Capricorn rules our elders and a growing attention will likely need to go on the elderly and their care)

The last time Jupiter was in Capricorn was 12 years ago: Dec 18, 2007 – Jan 5, 2009. Think back to what was going on in your life during 2008; the cycle is repeating again but under a new context.