Jupiter Enters Aries: Preview into New Beginnings

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On May 10, 2022 Jupiter Enters Aries for a Pioneering Seven Month Preview

The firey sign of Aries leads us into the zodiac. Being the first sign it signals all things new and fresh. Aries energy helps you become fearless, connect to your courage, believe in yourself and take confident action. It wants you to act with bravado and forget about the consequences. Initiations are its passion. Similar to a toddler who takes its first step into the unknown, it engages with desire to leap into unexplored pastures to find a new adventure.

Once Jupiter hits this sign, particularly in the moment he activates the Aries point (00′ Aries 00′) on May 11 and December 20, a sense of new initiations and bravery will be in the air. It’s an exciting and thrilling moment. Jupiter will fuel us into the next. Out with the old and in with the new! Expect to see lots of new beginnings and entrepreneurialism thriving as a result.

As you embrace your own personal new beginnings, begin thinking about where you might need to show up with confidence, show leadership and take action. Aries makes his own luck and each of us will be looking to do just that.

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