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Super Moon Season Arrives with the June Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

Super Moon Season begins on June 14 with the Moon ripe in the sign of the archer. Sagittarius is the sign that can cheer any situation on, no matter how bleak, and see the potential for something better. For that reason (and a few more) I really like what the June Super Full Moon, ripe in Sagittarius, delivers. It’s got a special dose of something special to help us believe in the possibilities and know that something better exists.

Sagittarius likes the truth and goes to distinct lengths to find it. With the moon placed in the sign of the truth seeker, we’ll be pressed to be most honest with ourselves.

What’s a Super Moon?

Super Moon season begins here. The June Full Moon will be the first of 2 Super Full Moons in a row. The second takes place on July 13 in Capricorn. Super Moons are beautiful and action-packed at the same time. The beautiful part is because they are bigger, brighter and closer to the Earth than regular ‘ol Full Moons. The action part comes from the astrology behind them.

Now anybody can tell us that the bigger something is – the more impactful it tends to be. And that is precisely always the case with a Supermoon.

Believing in the Possibilities with a Reality Check

There is A LOT going on when we peer beneath the veil and see the planetary story. One of the combinations that came out most distinctly, is the T Square of the Sun (in Gemini), Moon (in Sagittarius) and Neptune (in Pisces). Pressure will be coming from multiple angles. Pressure to release. Pressure to not get too carried away. Pressure to go with the flow.

When we synthesize and put it all together, I believe there is an important reality check bubbling to the surface. We’re looking for freedom, growth and something more because of the Moon’s expansive nature in Sagittarius. But Neptune and the Sun in two sided Gemini will be throwing lots of changeability into the mix. A two-sided situation perhaps. Give something to get something.

As a result, be ready to go with the flow, see things from multiple angles and stay true to your beliefs. Something or someone might try to sway you. Try to stay realistic as you make your necessary decisions. A call is coming for more but make sure to discern the facts as you leap into your decision of where to go next!

Reap the Rewards

Full Moons are celebrations. And this one looks like a party to me. Mercury is now well out of his retrograde shadow zone, moving quickly ahead. Jupiter is ripe in pioneering and firey Aries along with Mars! Celebrate your courage and moving past wounds of the past with Chiron also in the mix. Most importantly is Pluto lending a helping hand to nearly everyone.

Celebrate this moment. Reap your rewards. Be open to the possibilities. Something opportune may fly in at this time, unexpectedly!


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