June Full Moon in Sagittarius: June 17 2019

Full Moon Art by Jennifer Henriksen

The June Full Moon in Sagittarius Will Be Encouraging Us to Make Lemonade Out of Our Lemons

On June 17th, a Sagittarius Full Moon will be showcasing an array of intense planetary energies flying to the surface. It’ll take place on the tails of the second Jupiter Neptune Square, an intense stare-down between Mars, Mercury, Saturn & Pluto—–and the Cancer Solstice or entrance of Summer (in the North)/ Winter (in the South).

Not to mention Neptune, the planet of illusions, will be getting ready to station retrograde! It’s a lot of planetary energy to say the least. What we do with it, will of course be left up to us. Some of us will want to fly away, some will want to engage at an intense level—-and others will take the Sagittarian message and do their best to make lemonade out of lemons. 

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s June Full Moon Article

June’s wild Sagittarius Full Moon will light up our lives in more ways than one. Given its intensity we’ll likely feel the pull and lunacy several days prior. Thankfully, there will be some Sagittarian cheerleaders routing us on throughout the process. Sagittarius is the sign that can cheer any situation on, no matter how bleak, and see the potential for something better. Quite frankly, we’ll need that special dose of Sagittarius because the planets are planning quite the stir at this time.

With four planets in opposition and Neptune squaring the Full Moon—-a lot of pressure, anger and intensity will be seething to the surface. Someone will have the capacity to blow and it’ll be important to stay clear of their line of fire. But amidst all the possible chaos, this June Full Moon will be trying its dam nest  to help us see the positive side to our stories.

Tense Territory

I’ll admit this is a fierce Full Moon picture. It’s jammed with intense planetary players staring each other down. On the left we’ve got Mercury and Mars in emotional Cancer. While on the right we’ve got Pluto and Saturn in dominating Capricorn. Someone may get backed into a corner with this craze and have a hard way seeing their way out. My advice is to look up vs. down. Change has been waiting to happen and this is a moment where the push is so great that it’s necessary to take the leap. 

Jupiter Neptune Square Take Two

One of the most important planetary combinations of 2019 will be taking place alongside this June Full Moon— the Jupiter Neptune square. It began in mid January creating situations that were “too good to be true.” Things may not really be as as “great” as they once appeared. This is a new turning point where important reality checks need to come to the surface. Someone’s dreams are waiting to come alive. BUT important turning points are now taking place to help us see precisely what that’s going to take. Limitations and restrictions will be getting in the way of what we once wanted. The full story of this planetary message will not be complete till September. Listen to the signs coming out now in order to make sure you’re on the better side of this combination when it’s through. There is an opportunity to come out of this with a sound and clear mind if we can step outside the illusions being presented. 

Stirring Up the Feelings Pot

With Mars now swimming deep in the sign of Cancer—pent up emotions are looking for release. If the feelings have been sitting too long they now have the potential to become viscous. We will see some angry people at this time given the planetary scenario. If you’re feeling the stir, have an outlet handy to release what’s been brewing deep within. Or use the feelings to propel you into making a change for something better. You’re worth the effort. 

The sign of Cancer is very prominent in the zodiac right now for good reason. It’s helping all of us bring more awareness into our emotional domain. In the past people were pushed to bury their feelings, whereas now the message is to let them out. Accept that they are there and not going away. Take some time to find a way to deal with them vs. tucking them away to deal with later.  Unfortunately and fortunately ….. later has now arrived.  

Miracles Waiting to Take Place

No matter what is happening around, something is going to come out to help us see the positive side to our stories. Miracles of all shapes and size do indeed happen everyday. This is one of those instances where something beneficial creeps in amidst the storms brewing around. Take a moment to look around at the time of this June Full Moon and see precisely who and what are cheering you on. Something will be there in the background cheering you on …. helping you make lemonade out of your lemons. 

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