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The June 2018 Super New Moon Takes Place in the Sign of Gemini on June 13, 2018

In classic Gemini style, its season has brought all sorts of news and updates into focus. Information has been buzzing and people have been playing around with their own communication styles. Just recently we learned of two tragic celebrity suicides which have brought new awareness into the rising suidide rate. The shocking news has gotten people talking and thinking about a topic that is so rarely discussed. As we now approach the June New Moon, which will be a Super Moon, it’s time to take awareness into our own personal situations to a new level. Additional insights are likely in store as well as important beginnings.

This will be the last New Moon where the “go light” is on for some time. With a Mars Retrograde cycle about to activate a slow down in energy approaching. If there is anything you want to begin before September (the time when the green light goes back on) then you’ll want to use this super charged June New Moon to your advantage.

Here’s an excerpt from the June 2018 Super New Moon Article in Member Horoscopes:

If shapeshifting was ever truly possible it would be a Gemini that would prove it.

Even though we’re not all born under this muti-facted sign, we’re going to get a special treat of it on June 13th, 2018. This is because a Super New Moon will darken the light and activate the sign of Gemini in the most powerful way. Somewhere, embedded in our personal astrology, we all have a shapeshifter type energy affecting us in some place in our life. Where ever that place lives within is where we’ll encounter the energy of the June Super Moon.

I say that Gemini is the sign that knows how to morph or ‘shapeshift’ best because it essentially was born into a dual-natured existence. For a multitude of reasons, it constantly finds itself having to mesh and master itself into new realms of being. If you can ever peg one down into a deep conversation, you’ll discover that there is really two people living inside of them. The many faces of their personalities crave change and get bored quickly.  When life delivers the same ‘ol-same ‘ol over and over again they bounce. This is a sign that constantly needs to switch things up in some way or another. If it doesn’t have a way to do this then we’ll see him/ withering away into a sad & souless existence.

In order to understand what this Super Moon means, we’ll have to get a little more upclose and personal with our shape shifter Gemini friend.

Gemini is indeed a lively sign that likes to go places (both mentally and physically). Similar to a humming bird, it’s always got a buzz around it and has a hard time sitting still. Gemini is also a jumping bean. If it can’t move around, it likes to get chatty and be mentally stimulated. Its mind is quick and sharp.

Their multifacted personalities allow them to put their hands into many different things.. all at once. I’ve seen some of the best multi-tasking come out of the Gemini energy. Gemini, after all, appreciates the art of doing more than one things at a time. In their mind they wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a result, many of us might begin to feel a “stir” around the time of this New Moon to do a little more of this and a lot of that. Gemini also likes to laugh and see the lighter side of life. So going somewhere new, putting ourselves out there and communicating with others are just a few of the great ways to tap into the upbeat – on the go energy. However, there are some caveats to the lighter side of Gemini to take note of as you prepare for the June Super New Moon. This planetary story unravelling comes with some caution points.

A dark secret about Gemini is that it can be very tricky.

It likes to mess with our thinking, so some of us make feel like we’re wrapped up in a maze of uncertainty. It’s also likes to keep us on our toes so expect the unexpected. I always think of Gemini as the “2 for 1” sign – since we never quite know what we’re going to get. Gemini has two people or sides living within them at the same time. Some say it’s an integration of light and dark (like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde) while others just refer to it as 2 distinctly different parts (neither good nor bad) to their personality.

That’s the essence of this Super New Moon. Similar to the Gemini energy, we might need to find a way to integrate our needs with someone important to us in order to become one.
Don’t try to feel this one out— but rather do as Gemini does best and go with the flow.

It’s also important not to overthink it- something Gemini does all too well. A Gemini loves with their thoughts and feels with their mind. Use this Gemini New Moon to be spontaneous and go with the ever-changing terrain that’s in play. This is an energy that thoroughly enjoys keeping us guessing. It’s time to get ready to be on our toes because no matter what we do, we’ll never be able to pin it down…….

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