The June 2017 New Moon takes place in Cancer — the sign the Moon operates best in.

When the Moon is in Cancer she’s powerful. It’s not an evasive kind of power – but rather an emotionally motivated one. While the terrain out there has been anything but easy, this June New Moon creates an opportunity that will help us ‘just keep going.’

This impactful moon can help us ‘keep up the good work’ (because I know so many of us are working hard out there!) and get us to where we need to go next. Time to set our intentions, recharge our batteries and start something anew. Opportunities will be out there if we keep an open eye.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only June New Moon Article “Just Keep Going’:

Of all the planets, the Moon is the one that gives us the most insight.

Like magic, she’s the one that can open up a portal of intuition and help us connect to what matters most. With the June New Moon falling in Cancer – the sign the Moon feels her best—we can expect a powerful time of intuition and initiation. When the Moon operates in her home base – she radiates while making her own special magic. If we play it right, we can connect with her and access the right tools needed to keep us going.

There are a lot of important things happening around the June New Moon taking place on June 23, 2017.

It peaks just a few days after the Summer Solstice, which triggers the seasonal change of the new beginnings needing to be set in motion. Partnerships will be in strong focus given that karmic Pluto is in a near exact trine to lover girl Venus. Something powerful – and important – is in the works when it comes to love connections, partnerships and connectivity in general.

There are some caveats to consider —as there usually are during these opportune times of the month. While initiations get set in motion and intentions set, the energy around is going to be very high. This isn’t just any energy either – it’s a fierce, emotional kind. The exact type you don’t want to mess with if you don’t have some patience, empathy (and a tissue) handy.

In order to understand it better, let’s consider the sign shouting from the rooftops here. With 4 planets swimming through the sign of Cancer, it’s a no-brainer that everything she represents is going to be in play.

Cancer is the sign that equates to our home base. It’s literally the sign of real estate, our homes and most importantly our mothers—the place where our lives began. This is the sign that feels safest at home or with her familial connections. Putting family first is at the tippy top of her list and she’ll do anything to protect them above all costs. Cancer holds on to the ones it loves with a fierceness of a mama bear protecting her cubs. Mess with her family and see her wrath.

People sometimes discount the ‘action’ side of Cancer because of its emotional surroundings. Wearing its heart on their sleeve can certainly make them sensitive – but they always find a way to act. Cancer, being a cardinal sign, is very motivated to get to things done. The key to its nature, however, is that it’s driven from an emotional place. When it feels so strongly – it acts.

We can expect to see that kind of action at the June New Moon. Something is prompting our feelings and driving us to take action. We have no choice but to keep going and forging ahead.

Things will be building at the peak of this New Moon and our family connections will likely be center to the story. Something needs to be …. MEMBERS CLICK HERE: to continue reading “JUST KEEP GOING” including Sabian Symbol Insight & Practical TIPS to use this powerful New Moon to your advantage 


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