Artwork by Marissa the Gemini

The June 2017 Astrology Showcases That There Are Always Two Sides To Every Story

With the Sun riding through dual-natured Gemini for a good part of June, we’re going to be seeing both the yin and yang of everything. What I mean by that is the month ahead will be quite multifaceted. It includes both lighter (optimistic) and heavier (challenging) elements all at the same time. As a result, by the end of June, we’re going to know the real deal of our situations including what are limitations are. 

On the positive side of things, we’re going to be swayed to get out and have a little fun. It’s an opportune time to hit the town and mingle it up. That’s what the Gemini energy does best and it will be pushing us to do the same.  Then, on the more challenging side, there will be some big reality checks coming into play. As a result of that, some of us may not feel like going out at all. We’re going to be seeing things from a different angle and emotions usually crop up through that process. 

To help lighten the load there will be some energizing and fun Venus plays. I have no doubt that a few exciting relationship stories will be born in the weeks ahead. Important insight, in regards to our relationships, will also find us. Those discoveries will help sharpen our viewpoint on things. June is going to push us closer to seeing the reality of where we’ve landed. With an impactful Full Moon in Sagittarius and two big planetary shifts thereafter, some important universal truths are in store.

Most importantly, we’re going to be welcoming a new season at the end of the month. The Summer Solstice takes place and helps to push us into an entirely new playing zone. Gear and up and get ready for a June filled with fun, insight and a quite a few reality checks. 

What's on the planetary menu

The June 2017 Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Venus Uranus Conjunction, Sagittarius Full Moon, Jupiter Direct, Neptune Retrograde, Summer Solstice & Cancer New Moon


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JUNE 1st-4th

The month of June swings into town with a firey hot combination between Venus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius. Their influence has the potential to put us in a commitment type of mood – especially since the Moon will be operating in “practical” – “let’s get our long term plan going”  – Virgo. We might change our minds a few days later, however. On June 3rd, Venus will make a head on collision with Uranus – the planet that loves things ‘shaken not stirred.’ Some unusual happenings may pop up as a result – particularly in regards to love and money. Thankfully, there is a good amount of luck in the air with lucky Jupiter moving into a nice trine with the Sun.

The weekend will close out on an interesting and perhaps a confusing note with Mars switching signs on June 4th. He’ll be moving out of ‘let’s get this party going Gemini’ into more passive, reserved and emotional Cancer. Get ready for to swim through some emotional waters — particularly with Neptune moving into square the Sun.

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JUNE 5th-11th

Lots happening in the planetary forecast this week. On June 6th, Venus will dance her way into the sign of Taurus and boy does she look good there! Then, Mr. Communication, Mercury, will make his way into Gemini on June 7th. He’ll be looking good too, given that Gemini is the sign that Mercury works best in. The biggest news of the week will, of course, be the Sagittarius Full Moon that takes place on June 9th. This will likely be the biggest and MOST impactful day of the June – particularly because Jupiter (the BIG planet) will finally move direct.

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JUNE 12th-18th

Get ready for a big ‘reality check’ kind of week. The biggest planetary news involves Neptune, the planet that can sometimes get his head ‘stuck in the clouds.’ On June 16th, Neptune will make an emotional appearance as he begins his annual turn retrograde. Some of us might get caught up in an ‘ocean of emotion’ or a moment of uncertainty as a result.

On June 18th, it’ll be time to celebrate all our Dad’s out there with Father’s Day. On the plus side, the Moon will be operating in upbeat Aries giving us some extra spunkiness but some challenge might ensue given some of the other placements. With Mercury and Saturn in a face-off, we can expect some miscommunications coming to the table.

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JUNE 19th-25th

It’s time to welcome a new season! The Solstice, or entrance of summer in the northern hemisphere & winter in the southern hemisphere, takes place on June 20th-21st (depending on your time zone) and welcomes a new energy. The Solstice is the brightest and longest day of the year allowing us to ‘let the light in.’ Get all the details into what the new season ahead will deliver will deliver in my Solstice Horoscopes special book which includes info surrounding the very special Solar Eclipse that will be taking place. 

The hot topic of the week is the Cancer New Moon that will take place on June 23rd. There are some heavy love vibes going on with this one which has the potential to make us swoon – in a good way! Relationships are also bound to get intense and some karma may be coming along for the ride with Venus moving into an exact trine a few hours after the Solstice on June 24th.

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JUNE 26th-30th

The month of June closes out with some high energy plays which are telling us to beware of magical thinking. We all can get caught up in dreaming up the possibilities but this is a week to ground down & keep it real. On June 27th, Mercury will be in a threesome of sorts with Jupiter and Neptune pressing us to keep our heads out of the clouds. Those troubles lead us up into a heated play between Mercury and Mars on June 28th. Some of us will get caught up in some deep mental thoughts and/or hard communications as a result. This all gets coupled together with Chiron’s station retrograde on June 30th. An extra dose of sensitivity will be in the air as a result. The Summer Season begins heating up here!

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ART CREDIT: A big shout out to Marissa the Gemini for letting us use a collection of her artwork for the June 2017 Astrology. Her Gemini spirit shines through in these vibrant, upbeat and inspirational pieces which are the perfect fit for the Gemini Season. Connect with her in her Etsy Shop and on Instagram.