Full Moon Art by Jennifer Henriksen

The July Full Moon Eclipse Requires Some Important Contemplation as a New Turning Point Comes Onto the Scene

 On July 16th, a powerful Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse will light up the night sky along with an area of our life that needs to be seen. Full Moon eclipses create endings, as well as bursts of awareness. The universe is about to turn on the lights and point the way to themes that we need to say good bye to — or change entirely. 

Pluto, the planet of the underworld & our own personal darkness, will be a major player in this story. And he likes to stir the pot in many different ways. As a result, events will have the potential to play out both internally—as well as externally. Keep an open mind into what you see and feel. This July Full Moon Eclipse activates an important astrological point that will surface again later in the year— into 2020. Something is looking to be rebuilt and the sign being showcased (Capricorn)  is asking you to do it in the strongest way possible.

Let’s also not forget that this powerful moon will be taking place alongside a Mercury Retrograde adding a flavor of the past or a redo into the mix!

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