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The Mountains are High with the July New Moon in Cancer – the 2nd in a Row

Many will feel like the forces are just too big to tackle … but it’s in these difficult moments of opposition that we can tune into our greatest abilities. Saturn, the planet of hardship, responsibility & work will be staring many of us down as he forms a near exact opposition with the Sun and Moon. His hardship, lessons and restrictions are indeed difficult but his achievement factor can be even greater if we just keep trekking on

Major initiations are coming into play, but the protective and nurturing sign of Cancer is dominating the scene. 

Restrictions are in place. Someone or something needs to be protected as we see our way through this challenging Moon story. Muscle is going to be necessary in order to see our way through. Someone, or something may be on the opposite side of where we need them to be. Expect major mountains to climb with whatever new initiations are looking to be made.

Progress is possible, but themes presenting here will need patience, love and a strategic approach.

Challenges always deliver opportunities to see things differently and change what’s necessary. Don’t take difficulties as a negative. Use them as a push to embark upon doing things differently than you would have in the past. Old and washed out patterns have been breaking down. This New Moon is a real chance to rebuild on solid ground and stand away from the negative influences that have previously held you back. 

July 20 2020 Cancer New Moon

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