July 27 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Black Out

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July 27 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Black Out

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It’s Time to Get Ready for a Black Out With the July 27 2018 Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

If you thought things were a little ‘whacky’ out there – you’ve ain’t seen nothing yet! The ‘eclipse roller coaster ride’ is about to speed up once again with a total lunar eclipse. This ultra powerful full moon will be creating a high dose of awareness in addition to closures. While we began to say ‘hello’ to new chapters at the beginning of the month, with the Solar Eclipse, it’s now time for the good byes.

When one door opens, another one closes. As I said last night to one of my clients, “You can’t gain something in Eclipse Season without giving something up.” It’s emotional, tense, and with Mercury also about to turn retrograde it’s just going to get plain LULU!

Given that the sign of Aquarius will be strutting its stuff we can expect to see a lot of people’s “individual” sides coming out.

Important decisions may be looming and this marks a moment to act upon them. We may be embarking upon a time where we decide to stick with something (in order to take it to a new level) or walk away completely. What we decide to do may surprise us though. Aquarius likes to be different and keep people guessing.

If you’re looking to step outside the box, this will be the perfect time to do just that. There will likely be a voice egging us on — because the time is NOW to make a change. It’s also an opportune moment to take whatever we’ve been doing different and raise it up a few notches. Aquarius likes to break free and this is a point that can help us break any sort of chains that have been holding us back. Quite frankly Aquarius appreciates a good jolt of consciousness. So get ready for a shake.

Something else about Aquarius is that it likes a group. That means that this Full Moon will too. The energy is pushing us to find our tribe and people that can appreciate our individual sides. If we’re really honest with one another, however, we would all agree that the more different we are the harder finding our tribe tends to be. This is a Full Moon that doesn’t want to be fake. It wants us to rebel and be honest about our individuality. This is a point where we can appreciate our authenticity and make a firm commitment into which side we want to belong to.

Eclipses create events and I have a funny feeling that a lot of events – or happenings – are going to come out of this. We might even start spinning backwards and re-thinking things we never thought we’d do. With a Mercury Retrograde now in motion there is a bigger tendency to jump back into the past for some reason or another.

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We can’t forget that Mars is also retrograding. His eclipsing with the Moon (they will be touching each other at the eclipse peak) represents a major turning point in the Mars Retrograde cycle. This is a point where we can get clear signs into what is no longer fueling us. Perhaps you’ve lost your desire, inspiration or motivation for something that once inspired you. A decision could come into play that centers around letting it go.

It’s important to keep in mind that Mars is going to need to blow off some steam now. Anger that’s been repressed and held back will NEED to come out. Holding it back is going to be awfully hard. Good luck with it if you don’t have some sort of outlet. Expect the unexpected because a total directional change may surface out of all this energy.

Chaos could be swirling but …..

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