July 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

Get ready for some fireworks as we head into the month of July! There are some excellent opportunity periods to catch a hold of as the month gets cooking, as well as a number of caution points. The month begins with a bang and leaves with an extra dose of flair! There’s a lot that happens in this action packed period that begins in emotional Cancer Season and closes out in dramatic Leo. Ambitions and pioneering endeavors continue to fuel but tensions brew alongside.

As the Sun swims through Cancer (a female dominated sign) we will have the opportunity to reconnect with our roots (aka: family) and get back in touch with our inner wisdom. Cancer demands we feel and take some time to retract into our shells if necessary. Being with family  as well as honoring and protecting our emotional sanity will be recurrent themes. Opportunities will also present, but a necessity to look at things clearly will also surround them.

We’ve all got a Wise Woman living inside of us – or supporting us – and July is our month to get back in touch with her. There may even literally be a female energy that comes into your life to lend a helping hand. While Cancer Season is known for emotional and nurturing elements, it’s important to remember that its a cardinal sign. Think go-getter. Cardinal signs are the ones that move and take action and they will be dominating the scene. Never underestimate Cancer, the crab, because when it’s ready to act, it will take on the world in a fierce way. With the resilience and inner strength of this sign coming front and center, our inner strength, persistence and resilience are taking new shape and form. Our own personal wisdom and intuition will be coming on strong.

Later in July, the Sun will shift into Leo and deliver a whole new set of energies surrounding courage, leadership and finding new places of freedom. Leo Season, beginning on July 22, delivers a whole new set of dramatic twists!

July also delivers an important Mars wardrobe change, a second Super Full Moon, important emphasis on looking at the BIG PICTURE, a dramatic + explosive Leo New Moon and both Chiron and Jupiter’s station retrograde! Grab all the extra July insights for your sign and free horoscope below.

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