July 2020 Astrology & Welcome

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July 2020 Horoscopes and Astrology 

It’s time to get ready for another impactful month via the planets—and it all gets cooking early on! July kicks off with Saturn, re-entering Capricorn and a building necessity for additional turning points. Then, an important Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn takes place on July 4-5 and closes out Eclipse Season. Big decisions are looming and the universe is about to deliver additional signs into our necessary restructuring.

Chiron and Mars in Aries will also be making some important statements. Tricky Mercury will continue to aggravate with his problematic retrograde. Thankfully Venus is now out of her retrograde and helping us all out in certain areas!

The sign in the spotlight will be watery Cancer, leading the July way. Hit the water if any way, shape or form if you can …. I know I will! Connecting with the water element will do wonders if you begin to feel the heat. Watch for a high energy New Moon later in the month that delivers a re-do of things that began last month under the Cancer Solar Eclipse. Despite it all, I DO LIKE July a lot better. While many of us are still climbing some serious mountains, things will finally become much CLEARER.

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Some of July’s Major Planetary Hot Spots

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