July 2018 Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12 2018: Coming Up Butterflies

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July 2018 Solar Eclipse in Cancer July 12 2018: Coming Up Butterflies

The July 2018 Solar Eclipse Takes Place in the Sign of Cancer & Delivers an Important New Beginning

On July 12, 2018 new beginnings start to take flight with the first of 3 back to back eclipses. The sign of Cancer and all it represents (family, safety + security, real estate, karmic connections, things that we possess, etc) will be the underlying theme. What it means for each of us individually will all depend on where the eclipse falls in our own personal astrology.

This is an important eclipse to be aware of for several reasons. First, the lucky Jupiter in Scorpio will be making his turn DIRECT right around this time (July 10) helping us fine tune our desires into where we want to expand our energy next. Despite all the retrogrades around there is some movement forward here.

Secondly, this eclipse point  will be activated again and again over the next several years. If you have something important in the works now …. I can guarantee you this is only the beginning of where you take it next. Here’s an excerpt from my July 2018 Solar Eclipse Article in Member Horoscopes “Butterflies”

It’s time to get ready for an entirely new chapter in our lives.

July 12th marks the sweet spot into precisely what that entails for each of us. The reason behind this burst of energy will be a Super Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. Something like it hasn’t come along in quite some time—8 years actually! The last time there was eclipse like this was back in 2010— July 11th, 2010 to be exact. If you can remember that time in your life as significant than an entirely new set of shifts are in store for you in particular.

Not everyone’s memories are as sharp as the sign of Cancer (one of their secret weapons).

I can fully appreciate that many of us can hardly remember yesterday vs. a whole 8 years back. For those of you that are memory crunched try to think back to the beginning of this year. That would be only about 6 months ago. Themes and issues that were stirred up during January & February (the last eclipse cycle) now have the chance to be revisited once again.

The clincher, of course, is that now a new facet of the story begins to unfold. As I just mentioned to someone today, “the plot is about to thicken.” It’s exciting and scary all at the same time. Welcome my friends to Eclipse Season! This partial Solar Eclipse will be the first of 3 eclipses to take place. The second will be a Total Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on July 27th. Then on August 11th, the grand eclipse finale will take place in the showstopper sign of Leo. It’s time to hang onto our hats once again because these 3 dates will be weaving an important tale. Eclipses are big reveals along with lots of ups, downs and all arounds. Get ready for those “butterflies” to start churning within! The peaks and dips that we’re about to ride through will certainly be keep some of us on our toes.

Despite all the retrogrades in motion, the Universe is gearing up to deliver a new playing field.

It’s time to reset our tables once again and go through a total system reboot. Whether we’re in tune with it or not, the universe is always trying to give us some signs and in this instance they will be coming in loud and clear. This first eclipse will be a Solar Eclipse which is really a supercharged New Moon. Even though this one will only register as a partial eclipse— it is classified as a Super Moon. As a result, a major energy shift will be in play. As the Moon literally blocks the Sun’s rays, a burst of awareness comes bubbling to the surface. Eclipses always bring insight, new turning points and directional changes. For instance, we may want our new chapter to take place in one area but the universe feels our attention needs to go elsewhere.

This particular part of the story, AKA Eclipse #1, will deliver a special dose of rare magic…..

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