The July 2017 New Moon Will Prove to Be Very Special In More Ways Than One

My number one reason for saying this is because its our first glimmer of where next month’s powerful Eclipses will take us. The July 2017 New Moon will take place in the very beginning of the sign of Leo (0 degrees to be exact!). Then, next month, on August 21st, we’ll experience a second New Moon in Leo. That one will be one of the most powerful Solar Eclipses in almost a century. Get ready for a double dose of Leo love over the next month.

It’s actually pretty rare to have two New Moons in a row in the same sign so that in itself is pretty special. Knowing the importance of what’s going on can give us some additional brownie points in the game of life. I love to try to gain some extra points and I bet you do too. Get ready Astro Peeps because it’s lights, camera & action time!

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only July 2017 New Moon Article “20 Seconds of Insane Courage’:

In true dramatic Leo style, July’s New Moon will present a perfect opportunity to initiate and start something new.

It takes place on July 23rd in one of the most potent degrees of the Zodiac (0 degrees Leo). This is a moment where we can put our best foot forward and shine our true light. With Mars, the planet that pushes us to be courageous, touching the Leo Sun so closely it’s a perfect time to tap into our fearless side. The two greatest benefics, Jupiter and Venus, will also be working rather nicely together helping to make things a bit easier. I have no doubt that the July New Moon has the potential to make us appreciate how far we’ve come and where our greatest potential can take us next.

In general, this will be a good time to tap into something that’s important or close to our hearts. The heart and fire of the Leo energy will help us get in tune with our creative and courageous sides.

Leo is the sign that’s on a quest of discovering who he really is. In every endeavor, he says, “I will”, and goes after whatever it takes to fill his void. Just like his ruling Sun, he needs a place to shine.

And shine he must.

As he seeks his answers, courage and passion surrounds every step he taken. His enormous creative energy allows him to see a room and fill it up with possibilities. The canvas of his life will always be in the process of being painted and his brave and courageous heart pushes him to fill it up.

Leo is the sign that’s on fire in a good way. He’s the love and light at the center of the flame.

Even though we’re not all born under the sign of Leo, we can all relate to his deeper side.

We’re all on a quest of some sort. There is an inner desire living deep within all of us to shine in some way. Some of us intrinsically know it – like my Leos – while others don’t realize their on such an important journey of self-discovery.

When I look at the planetary picture, I can’t help but be reminded of  …. MEMBERS CLICK HERE: to continue reading “JUST KEEP GOING” 


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