The July 2017 Full Moon takes place in Capricorn — the sign that likes to take action.

It’s going to create a big push and energy driver into doing something important. With some pretty big planetary players getting mixed up in this month’s Full Moon story, emotions are about to run high. Karmic Pluto, in particular, will be speaking his message rather loudly. Find out more behind the deeper meaning into what this month’s Full Moon is saying to you.

Here’s an excerpt from the Member Only July 2017 Full Moon Article “Crossroads:

July’s Full Moon highlights the sign of Capricorn and creates an important crossroads given all the things happening alongside it.

It takes place on July 8th-9th depending on your time zone. Most importantly, a ton of driving and motivational energy will be around for the taking. Capricorn, after all, is the sign that likes to get things done.

Karmic Pluto also makes a special appearance at this high-energy Full Moon. His influence will throw a lot of deep and transformational energy onto the scene—which can be a good thing. The key to using his beneficial energy, however, involves us not getting wrapped up in his emotional intensity. Important emotions will likely surface and it’ll be important to not let them over our rational side.

This Full Moon is creating the perfect storm for our fears, insecurities and feelings of not being good enough to crash to the surface. Given that Pluto likes to get to the bottom of situations and dive deep beneath the facade, we can use him to our advantage. The potential to see things from a new perspective and gain some major awareness will be readily available.

This Full Moon is a psychoanalyst’s dream.

If we can stare down our fears, important revelations and new truths will become known. Important answers or the truth behind something now has the potential to surface.

Pluto is also the planet that is in charge of karmic encounters. I bet some of us out there will make some intense relationship connections because of his influence. We may even begin to see a new perspective into our connectivity. Definitely, keep an open eye on anyone new coming into play around this Full Moon – they may be more important than we initially think.

Another thing I want to mention about Pluto is that his energy is incredibly transformational. If you’re in need of a push to make a change or do something BIG, this July Full Moon is going to be the perfect ticket to do it. This is a zone that can push us to spread our wings and fly—provided we can keep our cool and calm those negative thoughts.

As with all Full Moons, a balancing act of some sort, needs to come into play.

Most of us, however, prefer not to teeter on the scales and be pushed into doing anything. But a new crossroads comes about here and many of us will …. MEMBERS CLICK HERE: to continue reading “Crossroads” and use this “decision making Full Moon” to your advantage 


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