The July 2017 Astrology is All About Refueling our Emotional Reserves & Getting Ready for New Initiatives

It’s the perfect time to get into a zone to begin making our own magic. With the Sun swimming through Cancer we will all have the opportunity to reconnect with our roots (aka: family) as well as our karmic connections. The month ahead gives us some impactful planetary happenings alongside some much-needed breathing room.

While Cancer is known for its emotional and nurturing elements, it’s important to remember that it’s a cardinal sign. Think go-getter. Cardinal signs are the ones that move and take action and they will be dominating the scene in the weeks ahead.

Never underestimate Cancer, the crab, because when it’s ready to act, it will take on the world in a fierce way. With the resilience and inner strength of this sign refueling us, our inner warrior is getting ready to tackle big things.

What's on the planetary menu

The July 2017 Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Mars Pluto Opposition (July 2), Capricorn Full Moon (July 8-9), Mars Uranus Square (July 17), Venus Jupiter Trine (July 18), Leo New Moon(July 23) & Sun Mars Conjunction (July 26)


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As the age old saying goes, “It’s complicated.” This is the exact thing that came to my mind when I looked into the month of July’s kick off. With a rough opposition between action driven Mars and power player Pluto on July 2nd intensity is in the air. Some of us will be using this energy to tackle some very big projects while others may find themselves stuck roadblocks or powerplays. This is a zone where we can expect extreme success or failure with no short-cuts.

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Full MoonJULY 3rd-9th

The HOT TOPIC of this week will no doubt be the Capricorn Full Moon that peaks on July 9th (night of July 8th). With a ton of cardinal energy in play, this is going to be an action-packed Moon with a karmic twist. Get ready to make some moves as well as important decisions! Venus, the Goddess of Love, will also have something to say as she shifts into her Gemini attire on July 4th—America’s birthday. An unexpected twist comes along for the ride with Mercury and Uranus getting caught up in some tricky territory.

Members Only: Get all the KARMIC FULL MOON details, including personal effects and special tips, in the  Member Only July Capricorn Full Moon Article titled, “Crossroads.” 

JULY 10th-16th

The Sun and Pluto will be opposing each other on July 10th which takes place on the tails of the Full Moon. On the one hand, this could cause some conflict or intense face-offs with others. Then, on the other hand, the transformational energy could deliver just the right formula to help us take steps into making the changes we need to. Like a butterfly coming out of her cocoon we always have the potential to change and go in a new direction. After that, we get to enjoy a planetary calm for the rest of the week. That, my friends, is something to look forward to!

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LeoJULY 17th-23rd

*ACCIDENT PRONE ENERGY ALERT!* As the week kicks off, trouble maker Mars is going to get caught up in a snafu with Uranus (the planet that likes accidents) on July 17th. Thankfully, there is a sweet spot to grab a hold of on July 18th involving Venus and Jupiter. The two luckiest planets of the Zodiac will be in a perfect trine creating a wonderful mix of opportunistic energy to grab a hold of.

It all gets topped off on July 23rd with an exciting Leo New Moon. This ‘cherry on top’ has a great potential to ignite our energy and give us a boost to initiate and put our best foot forward. Most importantly, this energy fueled New Moon is going to be a catalyst into where the August Eclipses take us!

Members Only: Get your personal insight and special tips into this exciting New Moon in July’s Member Only Leo New Moon article titled, “20 Seconds of Insane Courage.” You’ll also find more details into what comes next in the Eclipse-Solstice Horoscopes Book!

JULY 24th-31st

Things are looking a tad tense in the money and relationship department as we move into the last week of July. On July 24th, Venus will oppose Saturn and create some difficulty. Thankfully, Mercury will enter Virgo on July 25th and help us make a plan to get things back into working order. The planet that likes to think will be in peak performance as he moves through the sign that calms the chaos.

Another plus factor to look forward to takes place on July 26th, when our mojo gets another big boost. Action driven Mars will make a head-on collision with the Leo Sun helping us to tackle big things and really get things done!

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