January Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo Delivers a Moon of the Rarest Kind

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January Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo Delivers a Moon of the Rarest Kind

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On January 20-21, we’ll experience one of the rarest moons — a Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse 

It’s time to embrace the second part of our eclipse story. New beginnings started to set into motion during the first week of January—but now a closing factor needs to take place. Something in our lives wants to end or take an entirely new turn. This January Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse will make us take notice of whatever it is— in a very powerful way. 

The night sky is about to be lit up with both visual awe and high intensity energy. She will be so close to the Earth that some of us will feel like we could touch her. It will be the first Supermoon of the year and third to take place in the critical degree of 0 (both November + December 2018 Full Moons were also in 0 degrees). Interestingly enough, 2 more Super Full Moons (in critical degrees) will follow in February and March. This is a very unusual phenomenon indicating something profound is in play. 

On top of that, this moon will also be a TOTAL Lunar Eclipse. The places in the world that will be directly affected by this eclipse’s shadow are both North & South America, Europe and Asia. 

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s January Super Moon Total Eclipse Article “Spotlight…

The director of the skies will be shouting “LIGHTS + LEO + ACTION” as we embark upon January’s Total Super Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Get ready for a moment where a new kind of desire and ambition comes around for the taking-–the sign that likes to be seen and heard is coming onto the scene. With the moon roaring in the firey sign of Leo – she’ll want a dramatic kind of show. It’s a given that the energy radiating off her will be magnified to the fullest.

This will be a good time to tap into something that’s important or close to our hearts. The heart and fire of Leo will help us get in tune with our creative and courageous sides. Leo is the sign that’s on a quest of discovering who he really is. In every endeavor, he says, “I will”, and goes after whatever it takes to fill his void.

Just like his ruling Sun, he needs a place to shine. And shine he must.

Many of us will be getting in touch with this desire to shine in some kind of way. It’s not easy, though, and to be honest, a big buzz is still in the air. Energy is heightened in January not because it’s a new year —- but because it’s Eclipse Season. STUFF is happening and some of us may feel like we’re on a roller coaster with no break in site.

New doors began to open earlier in the month, with the January 5th Solar Eclipse, and now old ones want to shut.

Events are in play and if you aren’t seeing them in your own life, I bet you can see it in someone else’s. If we stop just for a moment and take a look around it becomes so apparent how the planet’s influence our lives—and those around us.

There is no better time than the present to notice these effects—during the moon’s eclipsing. She’s always talking the loudest during these points of the year (the next eclipse season of 2019 will be in July).

Before I go further, I want to remind everyone that a Lunar Eclipse is a powerful Full Moon.

This particular eclipse will register in with FULL intensity because it will be a total Lunar eclipse.

This means that the Earth’s shadow will completely cover the Moon. That energy block is going to register in our personal lives and we’ll be feeling in bigger than usual ways. On top of that, it’s a Super Moon – meaning the Moon is closer to the earth. She will appear much bigger than a usual Full Moons. Get ready for big and beautiful in the sky but don’t’ discount this beauty’s ability to tease!

The January Super Full Moon Eclipse will also be the 3rd Full Moon in a row in a critical degree.

November’s Full Moon in 0 degrees Gemini began the pattern and the last will take place in March. In the end that will be 4 Full Moons in a row in a degree that takes action. Things are happening and it might be coming in at a fast and furious pace. Some of us may have a hard time keeping up!

Given that this particular Moon will be full in the sign of the lion – our attention is going to be aroused. A stir will be around and someone will be looking for their “all eyes on me” moment. Anything involving the sign of Leo demands to be seen and heard in some way or another…..

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