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The January Full Moon Highlights the Leader of the Zodiac – Leo

Expect some drama to arrive with the first Full Moon of 2021, taking place in the most dramatic of all the signs on January 28! Leo likes an audience, after all, which means that this lunation will want one too. The lion of the zodiac will be finding new ways to make a statement and creative expression will be around for the taking. Given that we’re in Aquarius Season, someone may try to get a little EXTRA experimental. Some of us may feel put on the spot while others will magically want to come out from behind the scenes.

And a special pop of some luck does appear!

Jupiter, the great benefic of the zodiac, currently operating in Aquarius, will be kissing the Sun at the peak of this Full Moon story. As a result, a special dose of unexpected opportunity has the potential to pop up. All too often we have to conform to others ideas in order to fit in to the mold of the group. This time around something will be daring us to step outside of that box. With lucky Jupiter supporting the Sun in his endeavors, we might be surprised to see that our unusualness gets applauded. In all honesty, we will likely be looking for outlets to do things a little differently.

The time will be ripe to see some lions and lionesses strut their stuff, but a great deal of opposition will be coming onto the catwalk.

The Moon will not only be opposed by the Sun (as is typical with any Full Moon), but by both Jupiter and Saturn. This makes things more intense and high energy. We’re going to be called upon to honor our individuality (Sun + Jupiter in Aquarius) while dealing with restrictions (Saturn). Not to mention that the whole planetary trio will be squared by both Mars and Uranus (still operating in a feisty conjunction!). YIKES. Someone’s angry, frustrated and teetering on the edge of doing something unexpected and radical.

Also keep in mind that Mercury is heading into his first retrograde of 2021 ….

Some revamps, detours and necessary adjustments may start looming. Mercury will begin his first retrograde of 2021 on January 30, extending through February 20. He’ll be backtracking through the sign of Aquarius – the sign that dominates the skies all year long. Important detours are now going to begin revealing themselves.

Remember to keep breathing through this Full Moon! The passion and creativity of the January Full Moon will be welcome— but a high dose of drama comes along for the ride. Strut your stuff —but be ready to step out of the scenes if the heat gets too intense. 

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