The January 2021 New Moon, the First of the Year, takes Place in Capricorn, the Ultimate Manifestor

Taking place on January 12-13, the first new moon of the year is always power charged. It’s fueled with the best of the best for making your first intentions for the year ahead. If you’re looking to build something solid, Capricorn is the sign to have around. It knows how to create a goal and go after it, despite the odds. New hopes and ideas surround us as we make our way into the New Year. But so do a lot of uncertainties and challenges. Many of us are also worn and tired after dealing with a very difficult 2020. Making an intention, at this January New Moon, to connect to the Capricorn goat can give you new strength and perseverance to manifest your 2021 destiny.

This January 2021 New Moon also gets us really honest about our new motivations

Pluto, the great transformer and planet representing death and rebirth, forms a tight conjunction to this Capricorn New Moon. Subconscious desires are bubbling to the surface and it’ll be important to listen to the messages coming up. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn and this New Moon story, will be sandwiched tightly with Jupiter and Mercury (currently riding through Aquarius). Boundaries are looking to be pushed, but restrictions still surround us. Patience will be necessary in order to make our biggest expansions.

Slow and steady wins this race …. and you might end up taking a few unexpected detours along the way. With Mars and Uranus (now waking up from his 5 month retrograde!) moving into a head on collision, be ready for some shockers! The energy of 2021 is all about surprises and unexpected twists. Evidence of this comes to fruition at the peak of this New Moon story!

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