January 2020 Horoscopes and Astrology 

Hello January….Hello New Decade!

It’s time to gear up and get ready for one of the most powerful months of the last several decades. With a ton of goal driven Capricorn energy in play, it’s going to serve us well to start making plans for the future. A lot possibilities will be coming into play helping us manifest our vision and begin building new initiatives…. brick by brick.

Important headlines will also be coming onto the scene. These will come on a personal and global scale. The grand finale of Saturn and Pluto’s major collision will take place alongside a high energy = emotional Cancer Lunar Eclipse. Decisions will be necessary of what needs to stay … and what needs to go. With Mercury, the planet of communications, adding to the mix we can expect to see and hear all sorts of information as these radical shifts finally ramp up.

By late January, a nice dose of Aquarius energy will come onto the scene and help us form new ideas into our next. Outside of the box solutions will be cropping up to help us embrace all our new shifts.

Karmic twists of fate will also play part of the mix. Much of what is happening will be beyond our control but necessary in helping to take us into where we need to go next.  Karmic contracts of the past are looking to be broken and rebuilds into our deepest drawbacks are looking to happen. It’s radical, life changing and necessary to the new blooms looking to grow

January’s Major Planetary Hot Spots

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