January 2018 New Moon by HolgaJen

The January 2018 New Moon Brings Action & Decision to the Beginning of Our Year

With a ton of Capricorn energy building up important activations are in motion in our personal astrology. It’ll be important to take note of what’s happening during this time because the seeds that are beginning to be planted now could have very long-lasting effects.

By January 16th the over-abundance of Capricorn energy will surround us all with the powerful Janaury 2018 New Moon. The things we decide to do, with this Capricorn New Moon, give us the chance to begin an important framework for where we take our 2018. It’s go time in the universe and many of us will begin to feel the building about a week prior to this important New Moon.

If you need a push to help you get something going – then this is going to be your perfect planetary ticket. Along the way, however, we’ll need to keep in mind that there will be some new bends in the road to contend to as we push our way through. The planet of surprises, otherwise known as Uranus, plans to be a star player during this time. That means we should prepare to roll with some unexpected twists of change in where we end up!

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Here’s an excerpt from the January 2018 New Moon Article in Member Horoscopes “Lights – Camera – Capricorn!”:

The First New Moon of 2018 Takes Place in the Sign of Capricorn & Delivers An Opportunity to Get Into Action Mode

Capricorn style is officially taking over the Zodiac. With SIX planets now dancing in the sign of the boss and authority maker a powerful energy comes into play. A stir has arrived that will entice us to push up our sleeves and get into “DO SOMETHING” mode. Despite any fear or uncertainty that surrounds us, an opportune moment is around to take the reigns and steer ourselves in the direction WE DECIDE. Capricorn is a sign that knows what it wants and can manifest getting it in any way it chooses.

This Cazimi New Moon calls for “LIGHTS + CAPRICORN + ACTION”

A new kind of drive and ambition is around for the taking. When it comes to power fuel, nobody knows how to get things done better than the sign of the Sea Goat. It knows how to trudge its way up the mountain in addition to swimming through visions for something greater. Capricorn sees what it wants and goes after it despite the odds. As a result, a great potential now surrounds us to manifest our own destiny and begin building it up brick by brick.

AND let’s face it – this is a sign that will always look good – no matter what. But it’s not just about looks with Capricorn. It’s a task master – responsibility taker and goal implementer. It’s willing to put in the hard work and get the job done. One of the drawbacks, however, is that it can OVER DO IT in the DO department if it doesn’t watch itself. The Capricorn energy has a tendency to take on tooooo much and feel guilty for not being able to get it all done.

Despite the shadows (and remember that all signs have pluses & minuses) Capricorn knows how to get where it needs to. Even if it arrives a little bruised and beaten from the tough climb up — they usually find a way to make it up the mountain.

There is a lot happening around this “Lights – Capricorn – Action New Moon” that will help give us a power boost. More importantly, however, is that this New Moon gives us the power to take our own authority back. We’re in charge of what we want to do – no one else. Take this moment to reclaim our vision for where we want the coming year to go.

Some other important New Moon points I want to mention ….

Uranus, the shaken not stirred planet who keeps us on our toes, will also be in the limelight during this New Moon. This is important to keep in mind because Uranus is a planet likes to excite and give us a jolt. He’ll be pressurizing this New Moon to the fullest—creating the possibility for disruption. While Capricorn likes to be in control – Uranus will be teasing and taunting. That means it’s important to be flexible as we embark upon the new awareness and unexpected events Uranus wants to bring to the table.

The planets are aligning in just the right way to help us put something important and long-lasting in motion. Mars now in Scorpio is giving us courage and energy as we see our way through. He’ll be working very nicely with this New Moon in a sextile helping to fuel us forward. We’re going to be in touch with where we want and desire to go next. Its all on us, though, because Capricorn is about hard work and taking responsibility for ourselves rather than someone else.

This sign makes its own magic and doesn’t count on luck to save the day. If you’re looking to take on a new project this New Moon could be just your ticket.  Or if you’ve already started your New Year’s resolutions – maybe you now decide to kick it up a few notches. Just remember not to fall into the Capricorn shadow and take on too much or beat yourself up for being realistic and practical about the outcome.

With all of this Capricorn style in play we all will have the will and drive to succeed despite the odds. It’s an opportune moment to tell the universe to “bring it on.”  It’s time for some lights, Capricorn and action…

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