The January 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology Center Around the GO GET ‘EM Energy of Capricorn

It’s time to recenter our vision and ground ourselves into where we go next. Interestingly enough some pretty rare events will be coming along for the ride and the month ahead will leave some of us saying, “this kind of thing only comes around once in a blue moon.”

There is no doubt that the GO button is on as we dive into the first month of the year. Capricorn and all its earthy, grounding and practical power is the sign that takes center stage.  It represents the goat making its way up the mountain – despite the odds. It’s perserverant, ambitious, tenacious and goal oriented. There is no stopping how far it will go.

While we’re not all born under the sign of Capricorn, we do have a little (or big) piece of it some where in our personal astrology. January is the month to discover it and grab onto a little piece of it. The Capricorn energy fuel abundant in the weeks ahead can help to super-charge our year ahead.

With an important universal green light going on at the beginning of January (aka: Uranus’ move direct), we are now ready to hit the ground running. It’s time to make our way up the mountain of 2018 and take on all that comes along with it. With a blue moon eclipse, taking place at the end of January, rare new doors are beginning to open up. We’re now in a perfect place to see where the path takes us next…. and it might be something totally unexpected.  

What's on the planetary menu

The January 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Super Full Moon in Cancer (Jan 1), Uranus Direct (Jan 2), Mars Jupiter Conjunction (Jan 6), Venus Square Uranus (Dec 3), Capricorn New Moon (Jan 16) & Leo Blue Full Moon Eclipse (Jan 31)

Discover more personal insight and deeper meaning of your JANUARY with: January Horoscope including Special New Year Full Moon Horoscopes, Complete January New Moon/Full Moon Articles (including details into the very special Blue Moon Eclipse), Sabian Oracle Insight, Your Sign’s HOT SPOT dates, 2018 Video Horoscopes & Complete Annual Forecast, & How the Phases of Jupiter & Saturn are now affecting Your Sign

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All Eyes Are On You As You Begin Your 2018

With soul awakening Uranus going direct in your sign as the month kicks off, I have no doubt that you are ready to take charge of your year. And people will likely be noticing you. The month ahead is your time to be seen and heard in more ways than one. With a ton of emphasis on your house in the public eye, I have no doubt that people will be looking your way in the coming weeks…

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Your Year Kicks Off With a New Desire to Connect With Others & Perhaps Some Travel Planning

The powerful Supermoon that welcomes us into 2018 activates your house of news and gets your mind buzzing with all sorts of information. A push or driving energy surrounds you the closer you get to Jan 6th – the day of a very opportunistic playdate between Mars and the lucky Jupiter. With both of these planets operating in your opposite sign, it’s super fuel to push you into overdrive so watch out…

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All Resources (Mine, Yours & Ours) Gets Your Attention As You Head Into 2018

Themes surrounding money + money + money … and other important resources are likely swirling around your mind! Perhaps it’s not just monetary thoughts but things you value are also surrounding you now. Your views on these things could be in the midst of changing. Expect some unexpected twists and key insight from the beginning of January through 6th. Your ruling Mercury will be working quite nicely with the surprising energy of Uranus throwing some interesting spins your way…

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A Powerful Super Full Moon Begins Your 2018

It’s go time like never before dear Cancer. With the New Year Super Moon highlighting your sign, a new light on you comes into focus. Your sign is going to be highlighted in big ways over the next several years and this Super Moon is just the beginning for where you go next…

Cancer Members: Read More About Your January

Your 2018 Comes Onto the Scene With An Intense Focus to Get Stuff Done

There is no doubt lion that you’ve got business to take care of! Get it done sooner rather than later because an important eclipse (putting all eyes on YOU) will be taking up all your attention come the end of the month. January 6th in particular puts you in energizer bunny mode. You’re now in a zone to take care of all those things that have moved to the back burner…

Leo Members: Read More About Your January

A New Kind of Optimism Surrounds the First Month of Your 2018

Friends and fun surround you now Virgo and I want you to eat it up. A new resurgence or energy fuel comes to you through the month of January. The date of January 6th, in particular, will be an active day with abundance for the taking. New opportunities are coming out you full force all throughout 2018 and they begin early on…

Virgo Members: Read More About Your January

Family & Home Gets Your Attention As You Head Into Your 2018

There definitely will be some sort of attention on your career and potentially where you want to take your life direction as the year kicks off. But the paramount energy will surround your family and what needs to happen there in order to manifest your goals…

Libra Members: Read More About Your January

Opportunity & A New Communication Style Surrounds You In The First Weeks of 2018

There is no doubt about it Scorpio, an opportunistic and very auspicious energy is all around. You will likely feel an uptick of energy as you head into the new year through January 6th. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you had some special opportunities come to you during the first week of the year. And at the very least you are going to be ready to talk–and maybe walk your way out nearly anything…

Scorpio Members: Read More About Your January

It’s Opportunity Time & You Are Ready to Shoot For the Stars In the First Month of Your 2018

You’re ready to go get ’em tiger! The time is now for you to see just how far all your possibilities can go. While there may have been some setbacks during December – energy is free sail ahead in January. Uranus moving direct helps to reboot your stamina and get you ready for all the big plans you have for 2018. A special opportunity may present itself on Jan 6th so keep an open eye for new endeavors coming out of the blue.

Sagittarius Members: Read More About Your January

January Is Your Month To Be Seen, Heard & Begin to Manifest Some Important New Goals

Responsibilities are going to be mounting with Saturn now travelling through your sign but you’re ready to tackle big things. Capricorn you are also going to be lookin’ pretty good as you make your way through the first weeks of the year! Use it to strut your stuff and show off your classic style. With the Goddess of Love, Venus, now dancing beautifully through your sign the energy that surrounds you is very attractive. Relationships are also key as you kick off the year with the New Year Super Moon activating this area.

Capricorn Members: Read More About Your January

New Twists In Your Story Are About to Unfold in the First Month of Your Year

The month ahead is a big one for you Aquarius and it all begins on January 2nd with your ruling planet, Uranus, making a big leap forward. When you’re planetary BFF makes a move – so do you. Despite the changing arena that surrounds you, this moment marks an important readiness to move ahead. Get ready for a jolt and resurgence to get your new show on the road.

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The First Month of Your 2018 Will Surround You With Lots & Lots of People

With a supporting Super Full Moon sending good energy to your sign, you’re in a mode to feel good and connect with others. A resurgence surrounds you to refuel your energy tank particularly on January 6th with a special combination between go get ’em Mars and lucky Jupiter. New possibilities are around for the taking and a special opportunity could be coming your way.

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