January 2018 Blue Super Full Moon Eclipse: Rare Turning Point

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January 2018 Blue Full Moon Eclipse by HolgaJen

A Rare “Super” Blue Full Moon Eclipse Lights Up the Night Sky on January 31, 2018

It’s not all that often that we get so many special things coming together all at once during a full moon moment. But an opportune time arrives to tap into some super-charged moon energy. A rare moment is building to break free of anything that’s been holding us back and truly take our 2018 to the next level.

While the moon won’t be blue she’ll be big and beautiful. More importantly, she’ll be carrying an important message for where things in our lives are supposed to go next. The build up is exciting and scary all at the same time …. but the honest truth is that the wheels have already been set in motion. This is just the time where the universe entices us to DECIDE what to do next.

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Here’s an excerpt from the January 2018 Blue Super Full Moon Eclipse Article in Member Horoscopes:

The first eclipse of 2018 is officially in motion & kicks off with a Blue Moon.

A blue moon occurs when there are two full moons in one month – which will be the case here. On January 31, 2018, a 2nd full moon of the month occurs and it will certainly be a rarity. If you recall, January kicked off with a Super Full Moon in Cancer. Now this next full moon of the month will not only be a blue moon – but a total lunar eclipse. That means energy will heighten once again and thing are going to be happening that only come around ‘once in a blue moon.’

To be honest, most of us will likely start to feel energy heighten a few days prior to this blue moon total eclipse. New doors are again beginning to open while old ones are starting to shut. This important time of the new year and the next several weeks thereafter are going to be event driven. Get ready for the need to make a decision as well as witness important turning points.

Things are starting to happen now and if it’s not taking place in your own life, I bet you’ll be able to see it in someone else’s around you.

First let’s cover the basics … A Lunar Eclipse is a powerful Full Moon. This particular eclipse will register in with FULL intensity because it will be a total Lunar eclipse. This means we’ll be feeling its energy in big ways. A stir will be around to shake things up. It will take place in the sign of the lion – Leo. AND anything involving the sign of Leo demands to be seen and heard in some way or another.

It’s a given that the energy radiating off of the moon will be magnified to the fullest.

With the moon roaring in the firey sign of Leo – she’ll want a dramatic entrance. She”ll also be working nicely with go-get-’em Mars who’s still dancing through another fire sign – upbeat Sagittarius. No matter what, there will be optimistic energy in the air wanting to go out and play. Some of us may want to get out there and literally strut our stuff. Leo doesn’t want to be hanging out on the side lines and neither does Sagittarius. They both want to get out there and mingle with the crowd a little (or more likely a lot!).

Opposite the Leo energy will be its polar opposite Aquarius – the sign that likes to be different & unlike everyone else.  The voice of that sign will be trying to help us recognize who we are as individuals. And to be honest probably holding up a picket sign that says:

“This is Me – Loud and Proud – Get Used to It”

The Sun, South Node and Venus will all be showcasing the unique Aquarius flavor. Their combined energy will be shouting from the rooftops to take a stand for our differences and be loud and proud of all those things that make us unique. There are so many things that make us the individuals we are. For me it’s being an astrologer (which some people frown upon – how dare they right??!) but for others it could equate to something totally different. Something that is weird or unusual to you – may be the norm for someone else and vice versa.

The Aquarius side (or side pulling us to be in touch with our unusual side) of this eclipse story will want us to stay detached. Boundaries will be a necessity here.

It will be enticing us to let go of things that have been holding us back in some way – or preventing us from getting more in touch with our individuality. There might even be an unusual twist to this eclipse story. Aquarius likes different, after all, and it will be reminding us of the importance of being unique.

Sometimes we need to stand strong and be loud and proud of who we are — despite what other people think. It’ll be important to remember that there is courage around for the taking to do just that. All too often we have to conform to others ideas in order to fit in to the mold of the group. This time around something is daring one of us to step outside the box. Be open-minded to other like minded people surfacing. New people could crop up around this eclipse season that encourage you to be your unique self.

There is something out there that really wants us to get in touch with our true self. Maybe we can get there on our own – or maybe we need to find the right group to help us do it.

Thinking back to what was happening 6 months prior on the August 21st, 2017 Solar Eclipse can give us some hints into what needs to NOW come to a new turning point. That time was a high energy & new chapters ignited. They might even have been “redos” of something old. However now, at this next eclipse, the universe is asking us to kick it up a notch. It’s time to take things to a new level.

What new doors were opening back in that end of August time frame?  Are they now at a new turning point? Have any of the seeds we planted ready to harvest — or have they started to grow a little— or maybe a lot — or not at all?

Given that this is a lunar eclipse, something may now need to be released. Things that were begun at that Solar Eclipse are now ready to be taken to a new level – or let go completely.

With Leo in play, we can expect to see these turning points or answers coming to the surface in big ways. A statement and need for creative expression will be around for the taking. It’s time for the lions and lionesses to ROAR. Some of us may feel put on the spot by this push while others will magically want to come out from behind the scenes.

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