HolgaJen Fine Art Photography - "Call of the Wild"

HolgaJen Fine Art Photography – “Call of the Wild”

Cross roads are near. A decision of where to take things next will likely arrive with the January 2017 Full Wolf Moon.

The first full moon of 2017 (falling in the sign of Cancer) takes place on January 12th, 2017 and packs a powerful punch. A ton of driving energy will be present–but yielding it to our advantage will take some key insight. Important situations will likely come to a peak point and decisions will need to be made. Some clarity should also come to the table and a light bulb of awareness turns on.

Rev up your engines— because there is no way that something isn’t happening here. The January Full Moon isn’t one to be taken lightly. There is intense emotional energy coming out given all the planetary plays. A theme of letting go will surface given that full moons create endings. But we can also expect to begin seeing things in a new kind of way.

grand cross in astrology A challenging combination called a Grand Cross will be taking center stage.

Cardinal energy, which is a combination of the signs of Aries + Cancer + Libra + Capricorn, will also be highlighted. These signs mean business and action-oriented energy will dominate as a result.

Here’s an excerpt from the January Member Horoscopes Full Moon Article:

Given that the picture isn’t pretty–the best thing to do is be still.

Crosses in astrology symbolize a hardship to bear and a weight on the shoulders. They involve 4 planets in disharmony and everyone wants their say. The cross brings a struggle to the table. Nobody’s getting along and finding the right solution can be tricky.

To make things a little more intense in this particular Full Moon story—there will be 5 planets involved in this mash up. Yikes! It certainly would be much easier if we could all just take a sick day during this one – but alas that’s usually NOT possible. We’re all going to have to find our own way to toughen up in order to get through the first storm of 2017.

Before I dive in deeper, I want to mention that the first full moon of a year is always known as the Wolf Moon.

The wolf is a powerful animal and spiritual symbol that represents intuition and awareness of our inner self. Similar to the wolf, this full moon has power associated with it. If at any point we begin to feel off kilter, remember that it’s just a matter of time before we can come back to lead the pack.

There is no doubt in my mind that intensity will begin to stir a few days prior to this full moon. My advice is to lay low even though it may be difficult to do so. A strong push is going to be coming over people to act. Decisions may need to be made quickly and we may feel forced into doing something. The problem with this is that the pressure could be so intense that we may not have the proper mindset to make the best choice.

The good news is that there are ways to take strong energy such as this and use it to our advantage.

A strong drive to accomplish things will be around for the taking. We’ll just need to remember that careful planning is usually necessary in order to get things done properly. The tricky part will be getting in touch with the tools necessary to do it.

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