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Crystal B’s Introduction to Astrology

Welcome Astro Virgins! You’ve arrived at the perfect place to begin learning about Astrology if you don’t already know a lot about Astrology.

Astrology can be complicated – I totally get that! However, my mission is to always simplify the message of the planets in the easiest way that I can.

This is the perfect time to really discover what Astrology is all about and how you can use it in your own personal life.Special Note to My Future Seekers: An important thing to remember is that Astrology is not only about the future but it’s also about the past and present.  The planets can shed light on your past, present and future all at the same time…. and that’s the beauty of them.

So with that being said, here’s some Astrology Basics to keep in mind when you’re thinking about your own personal Astrology.

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Astrology isn’t Kooky – It’s a Science

Most often when I tell people I’m an astrologer – I get that look  – the one that looks like “This girl is a kook and is going to pull out her “crystal ball” any minute.  If you know me then you know I’m not like that.  I’m just a regular gal interested in the planets – a scientist of sorts ????

The truth of the matter is that Astrology is actually a Science.  The only reason it isn’t actually classified as such is because it’s a picture language and because of that it’s interpretive.  You can visit several astrologers and they could each give you their own interpretation of what’s happening in your chart.  This is because Astrology is made up of a whole bunch of symbols and combinations  (too many to name!) and a slew of definitions for each one.  It’s totally interpretational—but it works!

If you synthesis everything properly you can decipher patterns and get a clearer understanding of where you’re heading – as well as what you’re up against in the current moment.

What is an Astrology Chart?Astrology

This is where it all begins – with your chart.  A person’s astrology chart, or Natal Chart as we say in Astrology terms, is the picture the planets painted for you at the moment of your birth.  Since the planets change position every 2 minutes it’s easy to see how we all have a unique picture that was made just for us.  Your chart is made up of all of the planets in the Zodiac – not just the Sun.  Most of us grow up only reading about our Sun sign but you end up missing some major pieces to your puzzle by not looking at all of your other planetary placements.

In order to create your personal astrology chart you need 3 things:

  1. Your Exact Birth time (yes exact is best – so dig up your birth certificate!)
  2. Your Date of Birth (year included … no lying about our age when it comes to Astrology!)
  3. Your Location of Birth (city, state & country)

What are Transits or How Can You Read the Future Using Astrology?

Since the planets are constantly moving, they are always repositioning themselves.  Each time a planet moves and makes an aspect or touches a point in your Natal Chart – or Astrological Picture – the possibility for an event comes up.  The more aspects or points being triggered in a short time-span the more likely you are to feel an event in your life.

In order to accurately forecast events, it’s important to discuss with an experienced astrologer so they can accurately synthesize all of the things happening in your chart.

What are Progressions?

Progressions are taking your Natal Chart, or Astrological Picture, and fast forwarding it in time.  This brand new picture that is painted can allow an astrologer to get a bird’s eye view for current themes you’re in as well as discover what kind of skin you’re living in.  Progressions are very beneficial in telling us about the phase we’re currently in as well as where we came from and where we’re heading next.

What are Houses?

All Astrology charts are divided into 12 sections otherwise known as houses. There are many different house systems or methods to divide up our charts – my personal favorite is the Placidus System.  Each section or house as we say in Astrology lingo rules over a particular part of your life.    

Videos for Astro Virgins

The Crystal B Astrology YouTube channel hosts a PLAYLIST for Astro Virgins called Astrology Learning. Following are a few of the videos from this playlist.

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