Say Hello to My New Book: Feed Your Moon

I’m BEYOND excited to finally be able to finally share my new book, a massive undertaking that has taken me MANY years to bring to light. After working with thousands of people across the globe, discovering their struggle, crunching lots of astrological data and learning what works (and what doesn’t!) to feel better, I’ve finally come to a place where I can share my most important findings. FEED YOUR MOON is a book that will help you understand who you are and feed your soul (in a completely new way!).

The bottom line is that there is MORE to our story and FEED YOUR MOON helps to unravel it. It puts you in touch with a very special recipe to help nourish both current and changing needs. It also puts you in touch with how to predict where you’re going next and how to prepare for it. We’re all hungry for more and FEED YOUR MOON delivers cosmic wisdom to satisfy every question and curiosity.

It’s a book that has been written for everyone – whether you know nothing, a little or a lot about astrology. I took a lot of time to develop it in a way where you can read through from cover to cover, or just reference the information as it comes up. After writing over a thousand articles for my own blog and others (many of which have expired because what I write about is dated), I wanted a book that would be timeless.

Feed Your Moon’s heart and soul is getting to the heart of who we are, what we need emotionally and why those needs are always changing.

We’re all so accustomed to relating ourselves to one zodiac sign, but the fact of the matter is that we get to experience all of them multiple times throughout our lives. One of my deepest fascinations has always been the Moon’s progressions which take us through what I call the “Skins of the Zodiac.” It began a long time ago and I even wrote about it early on (check out my original article).

Skin You’re In Photo Collection

One of the most important themes of FEED YOUR MOON is how we are constantly evolving and changing “the skin we’re in.” To bring the concept to life, I collaborated with photographer, Celestina Ando. Together, we created a unique photo collection that brings to life the Twelve Skins of the Zodiac. The group collective helps us visualize the idea of our changing states.

“No matter what our sun sign or other planetary constants, we’ll all get a chance to experience each zodiac sign once, twice, or even possibly three times throughout our lives.”

The photographic collective is a representation of twelve people in the “skin they are in” at the time the photo was taken (August 2020). With extreme restrictions and travel limitations in place due to the pandemic, these twelve people willingly offered their energy to depict their astrological skin at the time of the shoot. Learn more about Celestina and view the entire collection and presentation on

Special Thanks to All of You

Even though I grew up with astrology, I never set out to become an astrologer. It took me a long time to accept and make the best of my unusual gifts. Publishing this book was a journey of the greatest magnitude. It turned out very different than I originally saw it but I couldn’t be happier with its evolution. FEED YOUR MOON has become something magical, inspiring and truly beautiful inside and out. I’m so appreciative to all of those that have been with me from the very beginning, as well those meeting me for the first time. I love the planets and have learned so much about them through all those I’ve connected with. This book was possible because of you!

Feed Your Moon is Here!