In Person Astrology Workshop Morristown NJ: Your Place in the Stars

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Join Me in Morristown NJ on May 10 for a Live Astrology Workshop

My NJ friends have asked me to head over to Morristown NJ and team up with The Rock Box in Morristown NJ for an IN PERSON event on May 10. I’m looking forward to working in their beautiful space and sharing some astro love!

More About This Event

As we approach May’s Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, join me to learn all about your place in the stars. Eclipse energy puts us in a heightened energy state, helps increase our awareness and encounter AHA moments. This time frame also welcomes the entrance of opportunity seeker Jupiter into pioneering Aries, newly igniting our fire, passion and drive into new discoveries. Eclipses open portals of opportunity, insight and understanding.

I will also help participants explore the meaning of eclipses and the North and South Nodes in your astrology. The Nodes are karmic markers of our soul’s development including past lives. They offer important awareness into our life’s mission.  Your chart will be prepared in advance for analysis and specific interactive discussion, including tips & tools into how to Feed Your Moon.

Knowledge of your astrology helps you align with your place in the universe and keep a positive attitude about your directional shifts. Please be prepared to privately submit your birthdate, time of birth and location of birth upon ticket purchase for chart preparation. Space limited.

Date & Time

May 10, 2022: 7-9 PM
Morristown, NJ
Cost: $99