Mercury Retrograde Will Be In Effect July 7-31, 2019

The second Mercury Retrograde of 2019, begins on July 7th, 2019 right alongside Eclipse Season. Thankfully, it’ll end with an important and beneficial Cazimi New Moon. The crux of the situation, however, will be finding a way to trek through the next several weeks without losing our cool. Something out there is calling us BACK and Mercury’s turning his wheels to make sure we find out what that it is.

This is a dual-natured Mercury Retrograde since two signs will be emphasized.  Initially, the sign getting all of Mercury’s attention will be Leo – the creative & dramatic sign of the zodiac. However, Mercury will eventually back track into the sign of Cancer (the same place he was in for most of June) creating more emotionally (and perhaps family) driven communication trip-ups.

It’s time to get back on the Mercury Retrograde road once again — and back track over things that need a little more love and attention. Will it be frustrating? YUP! But by the end, we’re going to be seeing things in a much clearer way and appreciative for the do-overs. We’re also going to end up with a pretty nice opportunity factor in regards to a new beginning. Keep your eye on that prize as you see your way through. 

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s Member Article for this Mercury Retrograde Period

Mercury will station retrograde in the sign of Leo — but soon backtrack into the sign of Cancer (the same place he was operating for most of June). This dual-natured retrograde will kick off on a dramatic Leo note but soon revert into a totally different plane. On July 19th (post eclipses) Mercury will back track into emotionally centered Cancer. The universe will be presenting just the right tools (which may not feel the best) to find stronger resolution on any disagreements, thoughts and relationship dynamics (particularly on the family front) that were difficult during the month of June.

Mercury Beginning Retro Stage (July 7 – 19)

With the sign of Leo getting the full retrograde action we can expect some delays in anything ‘new’ that has been recently set in motion. There will likely be some grand displays of miscommunication and people’s egos may get bruised. Creativity may suffer a lull with it’s star sign dealing with a rough terrain. We might come to realize that it’s time to ‘re-think’ some of our prior decisions. Certain elements may be working – while others are not.

While the story begins in Leo, it ultimately will end up back there — not with Mercury but by the Moon. With a New Moon in Leo peaking alongside Mercury’s station forward (exact on July 31st), it’ll be important to keep an eye on what is taking place at the very end of July– beginning of August. Something new will begin brewing — but it will take a little time for the details to sort themselves out. Make sure to pay special attention to this area (which I’ve noted for each sign below) because new developments are sure to find you within the context of those themes.

A little more about Leo ….

Leo is the fifth and most dramatic sign of the zodiac. It likes to be in the public eye as well as seen and heard. For that reason alone it’s obvious that the beginning phase of this Mercury Retrograde will want to be more dramatic. Leo, after all, will never be involved in anything that goes unnoticed. This is especially the case given that this particular Mercury Retrograde is taking place alongside 2 Back-to-back Eclipses. Important detours will be necessary, in addition to taking on a new perspective about something. Egos might also come into play – so it’s important to keep ours in check as we go through the motions.

Mercury Retrograde – Phase 2 (July 20 – 31)

The second part of the Mercury Retrograde story will revolve around Cancer. Keep in mind that Mercury was operating here back in June (approx June 4th – 28th). Some of the things that were communicated then need to be revisited once again. Communications in Cancer, the sign that likes to revert into its shell, can be quite passive aggressive. We will likely see a lot of this type of behavior, particularly from July 19th to the 31st. Feelings will once again begin to brew and someone has the potential to seethe or blow. If you were feeling emotionally angry in June, it’ll be beneficial to find an energy outlet. Those feelings may find their way back for proper resolution.

Mercury will be operating in Cancer till August 11th, however the most difficult part of this phase will likely only be from July 19th – 31st. Once Mercury goes direct on July 31st, communications will be less aggravated and a new beginning will take place. A powerful New Moon will create an opportunity factor as we finally begin to move forward.

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