Crystal B’s Spin on How Astrology Works

Finding out How Astrology Works starts with the moment of our birth.

At the precise moment each of us was born, the moving planets painted a picture that told a story all about us. It’s a fascinating, special and unique picture that is all our own. Even though you may share the same exact picture with someone (ie: twins), your planetary picture is an individual road map for the path of your life. In order to really find out how astrology works, we have to look at this unique picture that was created just for you.

Each special picture is most often referred to as your personal Astrology chart and everyone’s plays out differently—no matter how closely they resemble each other. People with the same exact picture can have totally different lives.

Crystal Explains How It All Works:

What Can Our Charts Reveal? The answer is a lot!

Our planetary picture reveals how we exist in the world and what kinds of personality traits we have.

It shows prominent influences as well as how we feel and where we are pushed to take a stand. Luck, challenges and karma are also intertwined in our planetary story. The placement of each planet and how they were talking to the other planets shows a lot about us too.

Another important factor in our special picture is our Rising Sign.

There was a sign that was “waking up” or rising at the exact moment you were born and this is called your Ascendant or Rising Sign. Interestingly enough, that sign is the one that describes you even more than your Sun sign does. The characteristics of that sign paint your façade and when people first encounter you—these are the traits they see and feel first.

It’s really only when they get to know you that they see your Sun and how you shine.

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The planets in our picture describe things about us too.

The sign that the Sun was living in at the moment of your birth is the sign that we most commonly refer ourselves as. For instance, since I was born on March third, I’m a Pisces. However, there’s a lot more to us than just our Sun signs. Millions of people are born every year with the same Sun sign and we don’t need to understand astrology to know that there’s no way everyone’s lives will unfold in the same way.

There are a lot of other factors that make up our special picture—the Sun is just the tip of the iceberg.  Here’s how all the planets work in your picture:

  • The Sun shows how you’ll shine.
  • The Moon reveals how you feel and where you’ll run when you’re most stressed.
  • Mercury, the on the go planet, tells you how you’ll communicate.
  • The lovely Venus, or planet that loves to love, shows where your heart lives and where you might get a little universal help.
  • Mars, the fighting planet, tells how you’ll fight and stand up for yourself.
  • Jupiter, or Santa Clause of the Zodiac, shows abundance and luck.
  • Saturn, the hum drum planet of challenge, reveals where you’ll have to be patient and be tested over and over again.
  • Uranus, the great awakener and soul shaker, shows where each of us unique, rebellious and cutting edge.
  • Neptune, the creative planet that can entrance you, shows what area of your life you might get lost in.
  • Pluto, the planet that scientists say isn’t really important enough to be classified as such, reveals where the biggest transformation of our life will be. Astrologically, Pluto is one of the most important planetary influences.

Each planet was living in a specific sign too and that only further complicates your story. The sign each planet was living in allows us to see things even more about the nature of how we operate. We’re all such complicated beings—when we really dive into personal astrology we can see why!

The place, or house, each planet was living in is also an important factor when thinking about our picture.

Each picture is cut up into 12 sections or pieces of pie. Each section or house describes particular themes in our lives which can reveal a lot. Some of us have more activity in certain areas than others and that always means something.

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It’s an amazing site to see and when explained right—you can get entranced in the beauty of all the things that can be revealed about who you are. No one knows you better than the planets because they were the ones that were talking and saying something about you the moment you entered the world. They created your tell all moment and it’s up to you to bring it to life.

We could spend days—even months discussing everyone’s special picture.  However, what most of us really want to know is “what’s happening next?” because most people tend to think of the future when astrology is mentioned. Being an astrologer, I see how everyone’s eyes light up when I get to this part… it’s like the mecca of information and I always take it seriously.

The truth is that your astrology can be used to reveal things about the future—but it’s so important to make sure that you don’t discount the past and present in the same conversation.

It’s pretty hard to get to the future without acknowledging the past and doing the most with the present. In order to understand how the future part works you have to know that in Astrology, the planets are always moving. Some move very quickly while others chug along like turtles—slow and steady.  They move ahead and some move back too. Every move they make that touches our special picture means something. Each spark could relate to a phase, event or a feeling in each of our lives.

Every time you go through something in life, there’s always a planet or two or three behind it.

The magic of the planets found each of us at the moment we were born. Following the map they created is a personal experience and each of us has a different journey—no matter how similar the picture. Understanding precisely what they were saying is a process that will likely take a lifetime to truly understand. However, there are hints thrown to us along the way that reveal what it’s all about and where we’re heading.

The mystery of our picture will continually unfold but the moment that began your journey will always remain the same. It’s your tell-all piece and it holds the key to your personal astrology and who you really are. Enjoy it and get entranced by everything that your tell-all momentreveals!