A Happy Birthday Scorpio is in order for all those born under the Dark and Mysterious Sign

This year, Scorpio movs into the limelight on October 23rd and remains through November 22nd. All those born under the deep and transformational sign are going through a process of embracing their Solar Return moment.

The sign of Scorpio is an enigma with many secret facets to its existence. Be careful of falling into the trap of the stereotypical references, because this deep, intense and beautiful sign will always be one that will be important to honor. I personally picture its energy as a fallen angel dancing through the dark. She lights up the night and brings a new understanding to crisis situations. Her depth of perception and ability to be truly honest is apparent to all she encounters. If you want to get to the heart of a matter, ask a Scorpio and get an honest answer.

Deep within her is the most intense power. A constant battleground of emotion is running through her veins. She understands pain like no other. Scorpio is the sign that is most in tune with suffering; their own as well as others. It understands the struggle and suffocation of being trapped without light.

But despite the darkness that surrounds it, a Scorpio will always find a way to pick itself back up and start anew. A cat with nine lives, she continually craves the process of renewal. She has the ability to soar high—but knows the darkness of the lows better than anyone else. Her strength to pick back up is surrounded with overcoming wounds and scars of the past.

A Scorpio will always find a way to keep their secrets but once engaged others won’t be able to keep theirs. Scorpio will find a way to probe it out. Being superficial never works with them either. They easily see through the façade that all too many wear. Trying to fool them is impossible. If we truly want to go deep within ourselves, find a Scorpio to help us on the quest. They will help you find answers to the darkest questions—because that’s what attracts them most.  Scorpio goes where no one else does—because it craves answers and will always be motivated to find them.

While most have a hard time seeing their way through the darkness, Scorpio thrives there.

It dares to go where others simply can’t. This is the sign that craves going deep beneath the surface in order to discover the darkest secrets of the world. When we encounter its true nature, we can get rid of the fear involved in sharing our dark side. A true-blue Scorpio embraces that part of each of us and isn’t afraid to say it. They know the dirty little truth that so many try to hide. Instinctually they just accept that we all carry a dark side. To them, it’s a normal part of human nature. Trying to hide that from a Scorpio is impossible.

Like a fallen angel, a Scorpio will always make its way out of the darkness and into the light.

The power of renewal and rejuvenation are always near and called upon time and time again. No matter what the situation, a Scorpio will always find a way to rise back up again. They contain within them an emotionally committed energy and its strength is unparalleled. The steady control of this fixed sign can wait for years.  Trying to persuade someone to change their mind who’s emotionally connected to something is difficult and likely impossible. When a person’s emotions are part of the mix, it’s rather difficult to tear them away. When a Scorpio wants something – they literally go in heart and soul.

The Sun’s entrance into the dark and mysterious sign will also begin bringing out the essence of Scorpio deep within all of us.

We all carry deep within us the power to tap into the Scorpio energy if we’re aware of it. The ability to lift out of the dark and regenerate is always there for the taking. Understanding that key Scorpio concept is something we can all benefit from— no matter what our personal signs. Discovering more about its inner operation is helpful because we all stand to gain from it

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