Scorpio Fallen Angel by DarkAngels MWArtwork

Fallen Angel by DarkAngelsMWArtwork

A Happy Birthday Scorpio is in order for all those born under the Dark and Mysterious Sign

This year, Scorpio moves into the limelight on October 23rd, 2018 and remains through November 21st. All those born under the deep and transformational sign are going through a process of embracing a new 12 year cycle with their Solar Return moment.

With Jupiter, the planet of abundance, now edging near the end of his Scorpio run it’s time to see just how high all my Scorpios will soar.

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I’ve really enjoyed seeing some special Scorpios around me use Jupiter to their advantage. They have pushed out of their comfort zones and begun some very new endeavors. Strong emotions, as well as opportunities, have presented themselves along the way.  It’s not been all that easy but what’s happened has taken them all into a new arena of expansion.

As Jupiter now gets ready to leave their sign, it’s time to take their new found confidence and create new chapters of growth. Scorpio is the sign that regenerates and if you look closely at people born under this sign — you’ll notice new beginnings are all around them.

The Sun’s entrance into the dark and mysterious sign will also begin bringing out the essence of Scorpio deep within all of us.

We all carry deep within us the power to tap into the Scorpio energy if we’re aware of it. The ability to lift out of the dark and regenerate is always there for the taking. Understanding that key Scorpio concept is something we can all benefit from— no matter what our personal signs. Discovering more about its inner operation is helpful because we all stand to gain from it

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