The Sun officially enters the sign of Pisces on February 18, 2018.

It’s time to “catch the feels” and let our emotions run wild. With the last sign of the zodiac now taking the stage, energy is going to shift into a new and more ‘sensitive’ arena. Pisces is one of the biggest “feelers” of the zodiac and it’s going to have an effect on all of us. Despite our own signs, many of us will feel the feelings as a result of this Pisces influence.

The Pisces energy can also create a magical, whimsical & romantic vibe. It is also highly creativity which will give us plenty of opportunities to picture the possibilities. On the negative though— Pisces can forget about boundaries and help drift some of us off into the sea. There can be an ungrounding effect that comes out which makes “la la land” very enticing to go to.  So make sure to keep yourself in check if you start to feel lost. 

The energy of Pisces will stay in the limelight through March 20th.

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Happy Birthday Pisces! I’m sending a big shout out to all of you. This is my personal favorite time of year since I’m also born under this sign (3/3). All of my Pisces, including myself, are getting ready to celebrate our Solar Returns — AKA: our Birthdays!

With support coming from lucky Jupiter until the end of 2018, every Pisces should be able to catch a few opportunities this birthday year. The last few years have been tough on this sensitive sign but the tides are now shifting to give our mermaids (and mermen) a chance to recharge their emotional batteries. Find out more in the Member Only: Pisces 2018 Forecast

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