Happy Birthday Gemini! With your sign gaining popularity in the Zodiac right now, it’s the perfect time to share just how special your sign really is.

The Sun officially entered Gemini territory on May 20th/21st….depending on your time zone. It will continue to operate here till approx June 20th and bring a little extra fun onto the scene. Kids at heart, this is the sign that likes to play and as a result we can too. All of those born during this period will be celebrating their Solar Return as we say in ‘Astro Speak’! So don’t forget to wish your favorite Gemini a Happy Birthday.

There is a lot to reveal in what the coming year holds for all my multi-faceted friends. A ton of feeling energy has been around causing their heads to spin — but all for good reason. It’ll be important for this sign to feel the feelings because they won’t be going away. They are getting to know another side of themselves which will ultimately open up new doors into what they do next. Find out more in the Member Only: Gemini 2018 Forecast

Given that Gemini is the sign that likes to mingle, many of us are getting ready to enter some serious social territory. Perhaps it’s even started to begin. Holiday weekends are approaching and people are getting ready for some fun. If you’re planning on going out anywhere, seriously consider taking a Gemini or finding one to mingle with. You won’t be disappointed or bored—I promise.

You might, however, end up talking a lot, get caught up in some spontaneous happenings and end up meeting a ton of people. Mixing things up can certainly deliver a bit of fun and help to lighten any mood. In good spirit and fun, let’s take a look at the true secret to a Gemini heart.

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