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With Capricorn Season in Full Swing – It’s Time to Wish All Those Born Under this Sign a Happy Birthday

A very important time is upon all of my Capricorns – or what I like to call “Old Soul Super Stars.” With Saturn now traveling through their sign (something that only happens every 28-30 years!), they will be pushed into an entirely new chapter of their lives. The next several years are going to be make or break moments for all of them. New goals will begin to be implemented and old ones tossed away.

As each of them gets ready to embrace their Solar Return moment, the perfect opportunity arises to create some new goals. If anyone is up for the task, it’s certainly the goats of the zodiac who ever faithfully make their way up the rocky mountain. With the lucky Jupiter now in Scorpio positively affecting their sign – some universal help will be around despite new responsibilities coming to their table. 

 Find out more about Saturn’s next 3 year phase here: Saturn in Capricorn

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