Moon Garden by Mai Autumn

I’d like to bring some important (and often neglected) revelations to the surface regarding the misunderstood crab of the zodiac.

We’ve heard the Sun Sign of Cancer traits a million times.

Sensitive, deeply connected to their families and terribly domestic name just a few.  While those attributes are true for many born under this sign – the fact of the matter is that they merely skim the surface. There’s so much more to this complex sign that can be an enigma to many.

First and foremost, our conversation has to begin with the Moon.

Anyone with strong Cancer traits within their personal astrology is deeply connected to the Moon. A moonchild at heart is what a Cancer truly is. Some will resonate with the Moon when she’s full and wonder at her mystery. While others never think twice about how she look— but end up relating to her in a totally different way.

When we think about the Moon we have to keep in mind that she is very phase-oriented. In any given month, the Moon will go through a total of 8 phases! She’s constantly under a flux of change. From an astrological point of view, it gets even more complex. In any given month, the Moon will dance her way through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. That constant energy change makes her all the more dynamic as well as “in-flux”.

True Cancer types are very similar to the Moon in this way. They are always under a constant state of change. Sometimes their nature of flux can transition throughout a mere day and other times it can seem much longer. What’s key, however, is that they are always in this state of flux – just like Moon. This can prove to be an emotional balancing act that is constantly being finessed. We may never actually see this happening behind the scenes because a Cancer keeps their vulnerabilities guarded tightly.

What’s important to know about these key transition times, is that a Cancer needs to be left alone. Some might see this kind of behavior as moody but it really isn’t if we are in tune with their true nature.  A Cancer needs to go through a type of quite regeneration between each phase they immerse into. It’s a quiet time of solitude where they can recharge as well as rebalance all of these many energies.

We can actually relate this period of regeneration when we look at the Moon’s phases in the night sky. At the New Moon stage, the Moon seems totally hidden. But as the month progresses, more and more of her is revealed. Finally at the end of each month, during the Full Moon stage, the Moon will light up the night sky in her entirety.

People born under this sign follow the Moon in this way. The go in and out of being seen. Instinctually they feel the phases and need time in between each one. They have an instinctual ability to connect to the nature of the Moon.

This brings me to my second point. It is widely known that people born under this sign are very connected to their mothers on a profound level. While this can certainly be true, I want to mention another mother that they tend to connect to. Mother Nature.

As I mentioned, Cancer is connected to the Moon who can be thought of as the Queen of Mother Nature. Our great mother relates to the forces that rule over nature and all things natural. She is the ultimate conservationist and nobody knows how to conserve better than a Cancer. They also value all things natural and will always use products coming from mother nature herself.

I have a personal theory that a Cancer helped to bring the benefits of natural products become more widely talked about. My reason behind that is because they are the ones that will always choose a natural remedy or solution over a commercial one any day.  The act of conserving is at their core. I think that there should actually be a picture of a crab right next to the definition of conservation. It literally describes the sign to a T.

The definition reads: “Conservation is the act of preserving, guarding or protecting; wise use”

I’ll break it down it down in simple form:

Preserving – a true Cancer loves to save. However, it’s not just about money. The thing they are always after is security. They are also deeply connected to the past and will always work to preserve its roots. This can be seen on a personal, familial level but on a broad one as well. Cancers are true history buffs.

Guarding – Cancer has a fierce ability to hang on to things it loves. It simply can’t let go and will stick around till the other person decides to call it quits. When a Cancer takes something into his or her heart they guard it forever.

Protecting – Like a Mama bear that watches over her cubs, a Cancer protects all that he/she cares about. This is the sign that will move mountains to take care of the people, places & things it needs to feel secure.

Wise Use – Waste not want not. Cancer works to save and for that reason they will never throw things out needlessly. This can actually be maddening to other signs but a Cancer can’t help but think they can use it again. They can actually hang on to things for a long time because they always know they can use it for something else later.  Why buy something new when we can reuse the old?

This year, the Sun will be operating in the Moonchild sign from approx. June 21 – July 22, 2018.

No matter your particular sign, this is always a great time of year to connect with mother nature and our ability to put conservation into good use. Whether it be heading to the ocean to swim amongst the crabs, walking through the park or hanging outside with family the essence of this sign will be all around for the taking.

Follow its true nature and find a way to connect with our very own mother nature. As any wise Cancer knows, she can help us recharge our batteries.

On a final note I want to wish a Happy Birthday to all those born under the sign of Cancer.  It’s time for all the Moon Children of the world to take center stage and help us reconnect to the natural way.

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