The Sun officially enters the sign of Aquarius on January 20, 2019

One of the most brilliant signs will begin to take stage in the universe on the tails of January’s Supermoon Eclipse. Aquarius season is a time of the year when it’s important to embrace our individuality and honor all those quarky things that make us who we are. Of all the signs, Aquarius is the one that likes to be different and think outside the box. It’s also a sign that can keep us guessing because of its unpredictable nature. Something else I love about Aquarius is that it’s always quick to jump at any humanitarian cause. They are my rebels (with or without a cause ;-)) and have a great ability to lead since they aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

The energy of Aquarius will stay in the limelight through February 18th.

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I’m sending a big Happy Birthday to all my Aquarians out there. Enjoy your Solar Returns and all the new 2019 turning points that are on the horizon. This is your time of year to be seen and heard—embrace it to the fullest. The coming year should be a lot easier than the previous years with 2019’s major eclipses no longer affecting your sign. There is no doubt that you have become different in the last several years and now is the time to embrace how far you’ve come. 2019 is your year to trek ahead and start picking up the NEW pieces that will creating your next cycle.

Be you … whoever that is … show it off and be proud of every piece #rebelwithacause #loveallofyou #honoreachother #aquariusseason

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