This Wild & Crazy Month of May Closes Out with a Rockstar Gemini New Moon

On May 30, the Sun & Moon will collide in the sign of Gemini delivering an end of month reprieve and New Moon.  A burst of sociability and perhaps some playfulness comes onto the scene. It’ll be important to roll with what’s in play—because Mercury will be in his final retrograde stretches when this New Moon peaks. The good news is that this New Moon is a signal that we’re almost there!

Things that began at the end of April (around the time of the Solar Eclipse) are coming together. More of the puzzle pieces and details have come to light and we’re getting closer to a new movement forward.

But for this moment, we might want to take a little breather and hang with some friends, find some time to laugh and engage in some playtime. In many ways this New Moon is light and airy offering us a reprieve from some of the heaviness we might have felt throughout the weeks of May.

Watch Crystal’s video for TIPS to lean into the benefits of this New Moon and get some insights into what’s coming up next!

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