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Closing Out the Year and Decade with the Full Moon December 2019 in Gemini


On the night of December 11th 2019, the last full moon of the decade will dance in the playful and dual-natured sign of Gemini. This story could have multiple sides to it, since Gemini is the sign that dominates a two-for-one special. Activity will be buzzing and all sort of information swirling. It’ll be asking us to celebrate all that has been, release what no longer serves and embrace a new mindset into where we go next. 

New chapters are on the horizon, but this Full Moon is a time to seek out the important truths we’ve gained this year. Finding a place to calm the mind and engage in something fun will help us celebrate the journey of 2019. Full Moons are a time of release, to let go what no longer serves but to also honor the journey and struggle. 

Find out where the last full moon of 2019 and the decade takes place in your astrology. Get more of the story with Crystal’s Member Only December Full Moon video and learning visuals.

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