We’ve got a postive planetary game changer as Jupiter stations direct

Jupiter, the biggest & most abundant planet, makes a BIG move forward on September 12, 2020 and it’s something to be aware of. It’s also something to look forward to—because many of us are in need a lift. While some things are stalling (thanks to Mars) other things are about to start moving ahead. After about 4 months of retrograding, Jupiter’s energy is looking to go BIG again and he likes to be noticed. Even as he travels through the more serious sign of “all business” Capricorn, his momentum is a welcome one. It’s also necessary in helping us achieve our BIG PICTURE results.

With Jupiter travelling through the manifesting sign of Capricorn a new building energy is going to ramp up.

Capricorn is a manifesting sign. It likes to build things and have a game plan to put it into action. Matters pertaining to whatever it is you’ve been trying to manifest may be come quite prominent. While the year of 2020 has been a HARD one, new things are looking to grow. Notice what’s waking up and essentially growing around you … it’ll be hard to miss as Jupiter makes his turn. 

We can use Jupiter’s final stretch through Capricorn, over the next 3 months, to wrap up some of our biggest 2020 manifestations. Click here to learn more about Jupiter in Capricorn and how you can get most in tune with his BIG BUSINESS message.

After that he’ll make his next major shift over into Aquarius on December 19, 2020

The planet of luck will then begin to take on an entirely new “outside the box” kind of role.

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