Full MoonFull Moon Astrology Guide 2018

The following is a guide to all the Full Moons that will take place in 2018.  So go ahead and mark your calendars!  Energy always runs high at the peak of a Full Moon and if you aren’t feeling it – it’s highly likely someone around you is.

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ZodiacCancerJanuary 1, 2018:

Cancer Full Moon in 11 degrees 38′ seconds (Opposes Capricorn Sun)

ZodiacLeoJanuary 31, 2018 (Eclipse):
Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 11 degrees 37′ seconds (Opposes Aquarius Sun)

ZodiacVirgoMarch 1, 2018:
Full Moon in 11 degrees 23′ seconds (Opposes  Pisces Sun)

ZodiacLibraMarch 31, 2018:
Libra Full Moon in 10 degrees 45′ seconds (Opposes Aries Sun)

ZodiacScorpioApril 29, 2018:
Scorpio Full Moon in 9 degrees 39′ seconds (Opposes Taurus Sun)

ZodiacSaggitariusMay 29, 2018:
Sagittarius Full Moon in 8 degrees 10′ seconds (Opposes Gemini Sun)

ZodiacCapricornJune 27, 2018:
Capricorn Full Moon in 6 degrees 28′ seconds (Opposes Cancer Sun)

Zodiac AquariusJuly 27, 2018 (Eclipse):

Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in 15 degrees 25′ seconds(Opposes Leo Sun)

ZodiacPiscesAugust 26, 2018:

Pisces Full Moon in 3 degrees 12′ seconds (Opposes Virgo Sun)

ZodiacAiriesSeptember 26, 2018:
Aries Full Moon in 2 degrees 00′ seconds (Opposes Libra Sun)

ZodiacTaurusOctober 24, 2018:

Taurus Full Moon in 11 degrees 58′ seconds (Opposes Scorpio Sun)

ZodiacAiriesNovember 23, 2018:

Gemini Full Moon in 0 degrees 52′ seconds (Opposes Sagittarius Sun)

ZodiacGeminiDecember 22, 2018: 

Cancer Full Moon in 0 degrees 49′ seconds (Opposes Capricorn Sun)

If you follow your own Astrology Chart, you can look for the house where the Full Moon falls in order to get clues on where there may be 1) closure on a particular issue 2) completion of an endeavor or 3) gain a new type of awareness or insight into a particular situation.

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