New Sight Moon

New Sight Moon by Whimsyinme

Life as we know it has undergone some radical change.

Masks have come off, bubbles have been burst and the things we now see are visions we never thought possible. The truth is that this process has been in play for a while (since the end of November 2015 to be exact) and created a lot of fear and uncertainty. Change is never easy after all! The good news is that it’s finally working up to its FINAL peak. The final “Saturn Neptune Square” makes its last combination on September 10, 2016 and many of us will be glad to see this changing energy finally dissipate.

These two planets have been literally creating an energy that is erasing the superficial. Many of us have gone through a process of being stripped down to the core as a result.

You’re being affected by this energy if you feel like the way you are seeing things is changing. The reality that you once knew is no longer in effect and you’ve have to make some difficult adjustments to cope. These two planets have been the culprit behind many of us feeling unexpected and jaw dropping twists in our realities.

The grip we once had is now completely gone. New truths have come to light. Disillusionment and facades have been going through the process of being painfully erased. But give we must give ourselves a pat on the back – because coping mechanisms have come into place.

Despite the push to “sober” up and see our new way – we are slowly finding our way through the difficult maze.

It’s difficult to see things as they really are. Processing it is even harder.

Love is truly at the heart of the matter in my opinion and we all love something. Something could be anything. A person, a place, a thing and even an idea. But sometimes we have to let the things we love most free.

So many of us are out there trying so hard to make things work—but they just aren’t. Our vision of what we wanted isn’t coming to fruition. The maze has continued to get more complicated and many of us are tired.

And this is the point where we tend to make our biggest decisions. When hard transits such as this are in operation we tend to do BIG things.

As we embark on one of the most changing energies of 2016, I think the planets are reminding us that it’s OK to make some changes. It’s also OK to accept our new path and remind ourselves that we’re always “right where we’re supposed to be.”

This is the perfect time to use the energy at hand and make a decision to swim ourselves to an entirely different destination. Let go and see just where the universe will take you.

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