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The Jupiter Neptune Grand Trine Finale Takes Place on August 19, 2018

Magic, opportunity and a whole lot of feelings will be in play as a result. This will be the 3rd and FINAL phase of the magical combination involving one of the biggest “feeling” energies of 2018. A rare opportunity is in the making and one that won’t come along again for over another century and a half!

If you are in need of a little divine help … of the magical kind than this is going to be your ticket there.

This is especially the case since Mercury will go direct right along side this planetary enchantment. Ever since the end of 2017, Jupiter (the planet of belief) and Neptune (the planet of mystics & unexplainable phenomenon) have been persuading us to look at the more spiritual and mystical side of life in order to explain what the heck is going on. If you’ve been wondering why more and more people have been turning to the moon and stars for guidance — this planetary combination is a major reason why.

Both Jupiter and Neptune have been luring even my most unemotional signs into feeling waters— which haven’t been all that easy.

This has been a year where a lot of tears have needed to come out. Even if we didn’t want to … they just simply couldn’t be held back. Like the roaring waves of the ocean, we’ve needed to go to dive deep into the depths of our hearts. Given all the feelings in play, people have not been able to get logical answers. Feelings and logic don’t mix— there is no logic sometimes behind why we feel so strongly about something.

So we have had no choice but to turn to a reasoning of a more unexplained nature for guidance and answers. Even skeptics have become a little more open minded to the unexplainable in 2018. I personally love the ease of people’s new acceptance into my work —but of course it’s brought a long with it a lot of people who aren’t legitimate mystics.

Read My Personal Skeptic Tips If You’re Looking to Visit a Mystic

A new quest for meaning is around but the caution points have been to not over idealize anyone or thing – because it could have led to disappointment. The humanitarian side of our personalities have been prompted and more people have been drawn to charity work or lending a helping hand. Our feelings and empathy to others have been running strong. Despite any drawbacks, this is a truly magical combination filled with opportunity and power fuel to recharge our emotional tanks.

The Jupiter Neptune Grand Trine has also enticed people to become more enchanted with love.

Some of us out there have gotten caught up in romanticizing about something and some wins may have come along for the ride. The potential to drift off into la la land has also been great. So the caution points have been to not keep our rose-colored glasses on for too long.

On the positive, this “feel the feelings” combination could have delivered a special and even unexplainable opportunity.  A special romance could be in the works or something that makes our eye sparkle in delight. The date of August 19, 2018 marks the 3rd exact trine and if it may mark a turn in your story as a result. However the story of Jupiter and Neptune has been in play for a while. The first took place on Dec 2, 2017 and the second was on May 25, 2018. If you felt something then … chances a new win is likely in store as the cycle completes.

With the final phase now in motion, it’s time to ask ourselves what kind of blessings, enchantment or feelings has the Jupiter Neptune Grand Trine delivered to your story….

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