February Cazimi New Moon in Aquarius: Feb 4 2019

The February Cazimi New Moon Pushes Us to Fly Free and Raise our Vibration

It takes place on February 4, 2019 and delivers an opportune moment to spread our wings and soar into new beginnings. With that being said, a stir will continue to build. February is critical month where we teeter on the scales of deciding to stay where we are or leap forward into something new.

The critical 29th degree, or what I call my Magic 29, is on the scene in the coming weeks. We’re on the brink of making major breakthroughs which have the potential to both shock and inspire. Be in tune with what’s happening around you. Silver linings and fortunate twists of fate are in store—if we can be open to seeing the big picture.

This New Moon is also taking place alongside the Chinese New Year— the Year of the Earth Pig.

Here’s an excerpt from Crystal B’s February New Moon Article “Shock & Silver Pig Linings”…

We’ve already witnessed the necessity for some old doors to close (think back to your happenings around January’s Super Full Moon Eclipse that took place on January 20-21st). New glimmers of seeds being planted at the beginning of January (with the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn) continue to want to sprout up. We’re currently in one of the best points of the year when all planets are moving direct. It’s time to keep moving ahead. Out with the old and in with the new!

Something is beginning here and we just can’t deny it. It’ll be encouraging us to get in touch with our uniqueness and break away from whatever had been holding us back in the past.

Mercury is also an important planetary factor in this new beginning. He’ll be fueled on by both the Sun and Moon given his close proximity to them. A burst of our own internal awareness or perhaps a new piece of information may need to be delivered as a result.

Some of us might discover that the playful winged messenger of the zodiac has some news to share. Let’s also not forget that he’s a trickster at heart. It’s also possible that he decides to throw a few loop holes to help put new perspective into our situations.


Another important factor coming out of this New Moon picture is Chiron – the Wounded Healer of the Zodiac. At the point of this New Moon, he’ll be operating in the 29th degree of Pisces. This is not only the last degree of the sign of Pisces — but the last degree of the zodiac. An important turning point into a 7-year cycle of healing is now wrapping up—particularly for the sign of Pisces.

By the time February’s Full Moon arrives, Chiron will be immersed into the sign of Aries and a new cycle of healing & spiritual awakening will be underway.


You may already be conjuring up some thoughts as to how you personally may be affected with this high energy new beginning.  But I have to be honest and tell you that what comes out of it may surprise you in more ways than one. We may see some real displays ofunusualnessas result. Some of us will love them while others will be left with their jaws dropping.

Major awakenings are in store and some of us are going to be left wide eyed and in awe of what we end up seeing. Thankfully, BIG ‘ol Jupiter will be supporting this New Moon to the fullest. An important “silver lining” or fortunate twist wants to be delivered on the tails of all this radically different type of energy zone.

Positive news of all forms could be in store since Jupiter likes to go big with what he wants to say….

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