February 2022 Horoscopes and Astrology

February kicks off with an Aquarius New Moon, ushering in the Chinese New Year and Year of the Water Tiger. The tiger is majestic, inspiring us to go for NEW gold. While the water element will add compassion and sensitivity to all that we seek. Tigers in the Chinese Zodiac are similar to the Leo lion. As of February 3, when Mercury finally goes direct, ALL planets will be moving forward. This means that for better or for worse, it’s GO time. February also features an elongated and rare dance between Venus and Mars, travelling through Capricorn. Their exact conjunction will take place on the Leo Full Moon, mid-month.

Even though it is a short month, there’s a lot of astrology in store. The astrology in play offers more action and forward momentum. That being said, there will still be some sluggish feelings to contend to, but as the month goes on it wanes. The Saturn Uranus square is finally widening and loops holes to break through become more and more visible. Mars, the action planet, will be gaining speed in Capricorn (one of his best placements). He will help fuel our ambitions, desires and momentum to move ahead and climb new mountains of achievement.

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