February 2021 Horoscopes and Astrology

The month ahead delivers lots of twists and turns as we embark upon the first Mercury Retrograde of the year alongside a wild & rebellious Aquarius Season. This is the time of the year to break free of restrictions and experiment with trying new things. The urge will be great to do something different and that will be more and more evident the closer we get to the February 17 first Saturn Uranus Square. This driving planetary combination will be one of the most important of 2021 and for that reason it’s going to be helpful to understand what these two planets are asking of us. Saturn is looking for structure, discipline and honoring responsibility. Whereas, Uranus is demanding freedom and a break out of wherever we feel trapped or no longer satisfied. Something new is calling!

Despite the Mercury Retrograde and intensity of Mars still taunting the bull in his trek through Taurus, there are some nice opportunities to tap into. I see a lot of potential with the February 11 New Moon in Aquarius. This is especially the case with both Venus and lucky Jupiter dancing close at this time. Something entirely new and auspicious is looking to be reinvented out of the past.

Mercury will go direct on February 20 and lead us back into an important time frame of the year with all planets direct. From this point through the end of April will mark a go period, where all our initiations of the beginning of January now gain momentum. Mars will also move into an exact trine with Pluto, creating an important marker of progress! The month closes out with a Virgo Full Moon will delivering an important balancing act between facts and feelings. Sometimes our hearts want what our minds know isn’t possible.

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Some of February’s Major Planetary Hot Spots

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