February 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology

The February 2019 Horoscopes and Astrology Bring Us Closer to What it Is We’re Really Fighting For

Another important month is ahead and the unique, collective, radical and collective sign of Aquarius takes us deeper into where we go next. Turning point combinations, a new Chinese New Year and both Uranus and Chiron travelling through the critical 29th degree all make for quite a monthly story.

With two major celestial bodies getting ready to change signs (Chiron (and asteroid) in February & Uranus in March) it’s evident that more changes are upon us. It’ll serve us well to look outside the box and seek out the ‘out of the ordinary’ solution as we move ahead. Aquarius wants us to go against the grain and look for that something different. 

Supermoon season will also continue on. February will deliver the 4th Super Full Moon in a row in the critical degree of 0. Get ready for more truths to come out. Shock and awe will likely also be coming along for the February ride. Uranus will also be riding close to Mars creating a major stir. We’re going to need to keep our anger in check and make sure to have some positive outlets to get through the planetary heat.

Pluto and Saturn will also begin nearing closer to each other come the end of the month. These two will form an exact combination in 2020 (along with Jupiter and Mars) showcasing a time of major breakthroughs. However, subtle hints could begin coming out at us at this stage of February so keep an open awareness into what’s activating in your life. 

Embrace the Aquarius season ahead and be sure to show off that special thing that makes you — you! Aquarius doesn’t want you to hide it. This is the sign that wants you to honor whatever it is and find other like minded people that feel the same.

February is our month to get wild and let the Aquarian in all of us reign free. 

February Horoscope Hot Spots

Mars Pluto Square (Feb 1st), Aquarius Cazimi New Moon (Feb 4th), Chinese New Year of the Pig (Feb 5th), Mars Uranus Conjunction in the 29th Degree  (Feb 12th-13th), Chiron Enter Aries (Feb 17th),  Sun Enter Pisces ( Feb 18th) & Virgo Super Full Moon (Feb 19th)

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