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The February 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology 

Aquarius and all its brilliance (& rebelliousness) will be the sign that dominates the February scene. It’s a time of celebration with the Chinese New Year and Valentine love wishes. But on a deeper and more important level, the weeks ahead begin to showcase new beginnings. With an important Solar Eclipse igniting—new chapters are now beginning to take root. It’s exciting and scary all at the same time.

An opportunity to tap into a new kind of awakening is starting to happen. In some ways we’re similar to Buddha here—embarking upon our own kind of enlightenment. Of course it’s not quite the same—but the potential will be around to get in touch with things on a totally different level. A new kind of understanding or way of looking at things is what the month of February is all about.

We’ve said our good-byes in January and now it’s onto the hellos! Eclipse season is still in motion and the time has arrived for the 2nd part of the story.  This is the part where we’ll really get to see what our new 2018 themes are all about. Get ready – get excited and get more open-minded into the possibilities of where the universe will be taking us next!

Art Credit: A big shout out to Celine Ennis for sharing her Buddha with us for the February forecast. Her Gemini creativity is genius and very inspirational on so many levels- connect with her on Instagram.

What's on the planetary menu

The February 2018 Horoscopes and Astrology Hot Spots Include:

Aquarius Solar Eclipse (Feb 15), Chinese New Year: Year of the Earth Dog (Feb 16), Mars Square Neptune(Feb 17), Venus Conjunct Neptune(Feb 21) & Venus Square Mars (Feb 25)

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The Month Ahead is All About Networking & Connecting to Others

For a good part of the month, your focus is going to be around groups or organizations you belong to. New chapters are beginning in regards to your connections with others. But on a deep level – a new development could be in the making for you in regards to a long term hopes and dreams. I think you’re 

Aries Members: Read More About Your February

It’s Time For a Little Extra Attention

The month ahead is an opportune moment for you to be seen and heard on many levels. All eyes are going to be on you and I want you to be excited about it. The universe is saying that your moment has arrived to strut your stuff and show off all your hidden talents. For a good portion of the month …

Taurus Members: Read More About Your February

It Looks Like the Potential for Travel (Both Literally & In Your Mind) to New & Unusual Places is Around You

With the Sun traveling through your 9th house (the realm of long-distance travel, learning/teaching, religion, spiritual matters, foreigners and the law) an important trip may be in the works. It’s also possible that your ‘travels’ in the month ahead take you places that you’ve 

Gemini Members: Read More About Your February

Intimacy & Joint Resources Become an Important Focal Point

A new development or discovery into something you own with another could come about in the weeks ahead. Things you own with someone else, inheritance issues, taxes, help you get from other people and matters revolving around the intimacy department (including themes of a sexual nature) are all under speculation. An important relationship….

Cancer Members: Read More About Your February

Relationships, Relationships & More Relationships

There is just no denying that your February is going to be all about relationships! Very important turning points are continuing to play part of this eventful time of your life. You are just coming off the intensity of a Super Moon Eclipse in your sign that created important endings. Now a new beginning is…

Leo Members: Read More About Your February

Work is Going to be in Full Play as Your Month Kicks Off

Busy is a key word that comes to mind when I think of what’s manifesting in the background for you Virgo. There is no doubt you could feel overloaded with work or all that has to be done—because of all that is happening around. But if anyone can push up their sleeves and create some order to the chaos it is certainly you! A new development on 

Virgo Members: Read More About Your February

It’s Time For You to Have A Little Fun & Get Creative

The month ahead is going to put a lot of attention on one of the best zones of our astrology – the 5th house. Get ready to live + laugh and love all that February has to offer. New beginnings are in motion and an important push for your 

Libra Members: Read More About Your February

A Turning Point in Your New 12-Year Cycle Has Arrived

Get ready, Scorpio, for a big month! The planetary energies out there are driving you to “do” big things in the weeks ahead. Keep in mind that you are still sailing through your new 12 year cycle. Additional developments need to start taking root for the cycle to fully unfold. I foresee some…

Scorpio Members: Read More About Your February

There Will Be a Big Buzz Around You in the Month Ahead

With Mars now travelling through your sign you are revved up for action and I have no doubt that you are ready for action! However, as your month kicks off I don’t think you’re going to want to be too serious about things. Use the first few days of the February to…

Sagittarius Members: Read More About Your February

Money, Resources & Values are Important Highlights in the Month Ahead

Capricorn there is no doubt that you need an astrological breather! The energy of January was intense on so many levels and you probably had a hard time keeping up with all of it. Thankfully, now, the planets are moving away from your sign and relief is in motion. Hallelujah! The even better news is that…

Capricorn Members: Read More About Your February

A Major Breakthrough Moment is Upon You

The month ahead puts your sign in the spotlight in more ways than one. It kicks off with the goddess of love & beauty, Venus, in your sign, accentuating not only how you feel but how you look. There is a new you in the making and you’re getting ready to…

Aquarius Members: Read More About Your February

It’s Time to Swim Away for a Bit As You Prepare for Important New Beginnings

The beginning of February is going to be a time where you’ll need to retreat and operate behind the scenes. With the Sun traveling through the hidden zone of your astrology you will need to operate on a more inward level despite the big shifts that are happening all around…

Pisces Members: Read More About Your February

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