Mermaid & Serpent Snake by Deridias Designs - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Mermaid & Serpent Snake by Deridias Designs

Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse

It’s time to make some new discoveries into what’s at the bottom on of our sea.

The February 2017 New Moon Solar Eclipse will take place on February 26, 2017.  It will fall in the sign of Pisces (8° ♓15) and deliver a very important new beginningIt will showcase a wake-up call as well as the beginning of a new chapter.  Given the intensity of the combinations in play, some of us will be taking major leaps into some very courageous and tricky territory. A need to be fearless and wear a brave heart will be a necessity as we embark upon this new awakening.

With six points (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron & the South Node) all falling in the sign of Pisces, the sign of the fish will be highlighted to the fullest. Many of us are about to make some important new discoveries into what lives in the “depths of our oceans.”

Here’s an excerpt from Member Horoscopes surrounding the details of this high energy February Solar Eclipse:

Pisces connects to another dimension and because of that new portals into our awareness have the potential of opening up.

Neptune, the planet that sees no boundaries, will also be an important part of this picture. His influence might sway some of us into feeling like we’re in a major fog. No matter what, feelings will be intense all around.

Pisces, after all, is the sign that’s made up of an ocean of emotion.

Being the last sign of the zodiac, it contains a little bit of each of the signs that precede it. It’s the sign that believes in the impossible and connects us to a mystical spiritual dynamic. This is one of the oldest souls of the zodiac – the one containing experiences and feelings from many lifetimes. It’s the psychic sponge that all too often can get overwhelmed with all of the energy that runs through it.

Pisces is always tossed into having to decide on whether to weather the waves or swim away into calmer waters. No matter what the scenario, that ocean of emotion always surrounds her.

Eventually, though, reality needs to set in. At some point or another, we have to make important decisions and stop floundering this way and that. Even though we’re not all born under this sign, we will all be caught up in the energy it contains.

This Pisces Solar Eclipse marks the point where we have to stop swimming away and make the decision to focus on the issues at hand.

It will be the last of a series of eclipses taking place in Pisces that began in 2015. In this way, we will have an ending and beginning all wrapped together. Some important turning points will be coming out as a result.

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ART CREDIT: A special thanks to Sama of Deridias Designs out of Australia for sharing her artwork. Connect with her and check out her other cool stuff on her website Deridias Designs, Etsy, Facebook & Instagram.